Sunday, February 5, 2006

We Have A Winner Miss Jessica!!!


We have a Winner!!!!! A new winner Miss Jessica has guessed right.  It is the end of a sprayer hose.  Some of you were really close and some of you were....well way off LOL  Thanks for playing and keep watching for more fun! Barbara


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    it looks like a bolt that needs an allen key to undo it lol
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    rocketman685434 - 2/5/06 4:44 AM

      no rocketman...that's not it!   The end of a garden hose spray nozzle!
    The winner!!!!!
    Comment from
    aljes12 - 2/5/06 2:11 AM


    is it a web cam?
    Comment from
    sharonna1955 - 2/5/06 12:06 AM

       hey I just barely got a digital camera!!!!

    Okay what is that?  Is it a blurry bolt or nut or something?  The bottom of a weeble close up?  Ummm, a gadget of some sort?  The way my eyes look after not enough sleep?
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    randlprysock - 2/4/06 10:34 PM need some sleep honey!!!

    The inside of a socket wrench.   mark
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    mtrib2 - 2/4/06 9:25 PM

       no but maybe someday soon!!!

    some type of tool.

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    lv2trnscrb - 2/4/06 7:56 PM

     great guess Betty...but no 

    cellery stalk
    Comment from
    sharonna1955 - 2/4/06 7:19 PM

       Cellery Stalk? LOL no

    the end of a hose.
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    queenb8261 - 2/4/06 7:12 PM

    this was really close!!!! 

    Oreo cookie! LOL LOL
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    robinngabster - 2/4/06 6:52 PM

       Robin, Robin Robin....LOL

    end of a garden hose

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    jckfrstross - 2/4/06 6:42 PM

       now this was close but....Jessica was more exact!

    lol don't worry I'll never tell you it was easy again.  Don't know yet.
    Comment from
    am4039 - 2/4/06 6:22 PM



lv2trnscrb said...

congrats to Miss Jessica - that was a good one, Barbara


aljes12 said...

OMG!! Hee Hee!! Well I'll be honest. I have actually looked inside a garden hose spray nozzle before so when I saw that I knew....I guessed and then I started reading all the reply's and I thought that sense others but garden hose itself that THEY would get it because it was SO close and almost right. Lol!! That was fun. And "YEAH ME!!!"

- Jessica

lsfp1960 said...

Very fooled me.  The only thing I could think of was it was someone's little tatoo.  Silly me...Linda in Washington state

mtrib2 said...

That was a difficult one.   mark

randlprysock said...

I love this post!!  These answers are so funny-- yep, I need some sleep.  Lol.  Hugs,

fasttrack58 said...

Oh I missed the games again... And I guess I got so excited about your bday that I forgot to play Robin's 5'er. How rude...
Linda :)