Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pictures I have Taken Lately

I am putting in 4 pictures today.

The first one is the clown that my Daddy painted for me for my birthday.  I loved Erics chef clown so much that I asked him to paint me one.  He painted a Karaoke Clown for me...But of course. Anyone who really knows me well knows I love to sing and do every chance I get.

The second picture is the latest on I have taken of the room.  Rick has done even more since then!  We have the plywood now and that should be going up soon.

The third picture is   of Rick when I had to demand that he give the work a rest because he was sick and running a fever.  It was ice cold this day and I made him come in.

Picture four are the icicles on the wood the day he was going to work in the cold weather...

I am feeling better now.  I woke up today so sad.  I decided to call upon my prayer warriors Betty and Robin who both prayed for me and I am doing better now.

Thank you for all your prayers and for being there.



lv2trnscrb said...

You are really making progress with that room! You tell Rick when he is sick, he needs to rest!!!! You are welcome for me being there when you needed a friend and a prayer :)


robinngabster said...


robinngabster said...

now I see where you get your talent.

jckfrstross said...

I love the clown:) the room is coming along nicely tell rick to rest or it will not go away trust me i know:) Praying for you


queenb8261 said...

Love the pics.  Good job on the room so far!!   Sorry you were off to a sad start today.  Maybe that's why I have been down today.  :(  Hugs sis.

randlprysock said...

WOnderful pictures!!  I love that clown!!  And so sorry to hear that Rick was sick.  The room is really coming along!!  We have no ice but did get some frost on the windshield last week. This week can ya believe it, we're back up in the 80's around here.

am4039 said...

it's looking great Rick, but you don't have to work sick no matter what Barb says. lol just kidding of course

mtrib2 said...

The clown that your Dad did has all the elements of an original and unique work of art.   As an artist I can see that he painted ( or is it in pastel chalk? ) it using elements of expression of gesture using the medium ( paint or chalk ) so that every stroke is seen.   The harmony of the colors are excellent and the overall composition is unified as a complete work of art.   In other words, you can see that he had it in his mind's eye what the complete work should look like rather than piece's of drawing put together that are not unified as one complete work.  That ability is achieved thru practice which is what makes an artist truly unique.   Rick's construction is excellent and I look forward to seeing it as it progresses.  I hope your prayer warriors have lifted you from your sadness and I pray that you will be lifted also.     mark