Thursday, June 1, 2006

Make Me A List

I have to go grocery shopping and don't feel like making a list.  If you have time please make me one.  If not I am going with alphabet soup.





E- Eggs

F- Fish

G- Grapes

H- Hamburger Meat

I- Ice Cream

J- Jelly

K- Kibbles

L- Lemons

M- Miracle Whip

N- Nuts

O- Oranges

P- Pudding

Q- Quaker Oats

R- Roast

S- Spagetti

T- Tic Tacs

U- Underarm deoderant

V- Vegetables

W- Watermelon

X- Xtra lots of junk food

Y- Yams

Z- Zuchinni

Please save Rick from a week of the same old soup!



rayne1123 said...

chicken and broccoli over fettucini alfredo sounds great to me

debbiewebb4465 said...

Ok, here we go ~ an English one ~ let's see if there's much difference!!!

A artichokes
B brussels sprouts
C cauliflower
D danish pastries mmmmmmm yummy !!!
E eggplant
F fromage frais
G gammon
H honey
I ice (we buy it by the bag!!!)
J joint of beef
K kit e cat
L lasagne
M mushrooms
N noodles
O onions
P peanut butter
Q quick cook rice
R risotto
S spuds
T tomatoes
U Uncle Ben's chilli sauce
V vanish
W washing powder
X xtra chocolate!!!!
Y yoghurt
Z zovirax (cold sore cream LOL)

I LOVE these games ~ thanks Barbara :-) Hope you're enjoying your day ~ it's raining again here !!!!!!!!!!
lots of love Debbie ~XxxxxX~

tpiez4me said...

Um, excuse me, but just how do you prepare your underarm deodorant???  Fried or grilled ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We're going out to eat!
Sharon -

thekahenna1 said...

Pardon me for wondering, but, what the hell are kibbles???????????

Cathy.  xxx

queenb8261 said...

You're a peach
Hugs SIS, Barb

lsfp1960 said...

I never take a list...I just pick up a discarded one out of a cart or off the floor and use it.  Linda in WA  

fasttrack58 said...

List??? We buy whatever is on sale or under a dollar...
Linda :)

am4039 said...

how about ice cream of any kind, LOL