Monday, June 19, 2006

You Gotta Be Fast To Beat These Girls!

Amanda got it right technically, but Robin was really close...So I am calling it a tie!!!  What a mess right?  It is the cords under my computer desk....can anyone say fire hazard? It didn't look so bad when I connected everything and almost burned down the house using a lighter for light and caught papers on fire under there....oops.

Tiny has made it worse by trying to get to a squirrel who lives on the other side of this wall under the bath tub.  She is not allowed back there...but I know she goes there when I am gone.

Next time Eric comes over I will have to get him to straighten it out...I am afraid if I do I will disconnect something wrong.

Until next time..... Barbara


nolefan38 said...

Looks like under my computer lolol-----Sherry

lv2trnscrb said...

saw the picture and saw that someone had solved it. I got it right this time too, LOL. We have to put up one of those baby gates to separate our computer cords from Koda. Otherwise, he was always there sniffing around. Made me nervous


butterflies4me04 said...

LOL! That is way too funny ... that's pretty much how my cords look underneath my desk too though!


am4039 said...

hey wait, come one not fair. I just played
geesh. I quit.

nana0014 said...

That's what mine looks like. Nothing burned down YET (holding my breath).
Take care, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

Oh... so that is what that is.  I think the cords under my desk are worse.  LOL.  Hugs,