Sunday, June 4, 2006

Sharon Was Wondering

These are all average prices they could give or take little...

Gallon of gas/petrol $2.69 for the cheapest

 loaf of bread .59 cents

Gallon of milk $3.64

Newspaper .... $1.60 on Sunday; $0.50 weekdays

Median house price in my neighborhood how the heck do I know, my house is paid off and that is all I concern myself with

Electricity bill- 96,21

water- 24.00

phone-outrageious!  almost 200.00

cell phone – we have 3 included in above

School lunches - I no longer have a child in school

box of Cereal – about $2.50

Local county   property tax-200.00

Movie tickets -$5.50 before 6pm.....8.95after 6pm

 Garbage/Refuge pickup- $10 amonth and we have to bring our trash down a long dirt driveway!

weekly average grocery bill- $150

cat food-no cat. Tiny doesn't allow but dog food is around 3.00 a bag.

Pizza take home or delivery is usually around $14 


Phil the Thrill, IT IS WHAT IT IS, wants us to list these shows in order that we like them from 1-10. The shows are: 1 being favorite

Seinfeld, Friends, I Love Lucy, M*A*S*H, Andy Griffith Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Home Improvement, Get Smart, Will and Grace, Three's Company

10.  Get Smart

9. Seinfeld  

8.  M*A*S*H

7.  Home Improvement

6. Three’s Company 

5. Will & Grace

4.  Andy Griffith Show

3.Everybody Loves Raymond 

2.I Love Lucy

1. Friends 

Now here is my list of favorite shows

10. Amazing Race

9.  Super Nanny

8.  Trading Spouses

7.  Americas Funniest Videos

6. Art Linkletter show

5.  The Newlywed game

4.  Gilligans Island

3.  Friends

2.  Big Brother

1. Survivor

I love all of these.  But Survivor is my favorite and I would like to be on that show one day.   I would also like to be on Big Brother.  But never would I be on Fear Factor!  What about you>



queenb8261 said...

Cool!  Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Barb

rocketman685434 said...

Your prices sound a lot cheaper than ours here in the good old UK.There's just one thing though you mention havin to pay $10 for garbage collection?? i am most surprised by that as we don't have to pay anything to have our bins emptied.It all comes out of the taxes and council tax.We have 2 bins a black one which is collected weekly and a green one which is for recycling gets emptied once a month.

trickeytricky said...

Damn lady! Not only would we sooo be able to rock out in the car together but now I know if I were locked in a room with you and a tv that you and I would not argue over the remote! :-D

I would do survivor . . . not fear factor, the second they asked me to eat petrified cow turds I would be outta there.

Take Care!

Amanda :)

butterflies4me04 said...

I would NEVER do fear factor .... too many eatin gof bugs and animal's body parts! Too nasty for me! BLEH!


randlprysock said...

Wow, the prices are similar to here.  We have really high insurance and phones and electric is HUGE.  WE have high mortgage and rent here.  We have high gas and high food.  Everything is high in FL.  Sigh.

am4039 said...

what's with the electric bill wow it's high.

lisa41076 said...

Barbara, hi oh my god I love Survivor too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good Wednesday , Your new friend Lisa

fasttrack58 said...

Gas: 3.24
bread: .59
milk: 3.80
newspaper: i don't know...
house: 250000-300000
electricity: 190.00
water: with the garbage 96.00 every two months
phone: including dsl 55.00
cell phone: was 75.00 but cancelled now
lunches: 1.50
cereal: if it's not 1.98 we don't get it
property tax: too lazy to go look
tickets: same as above
garbage: with the water 96.00 every two months
grocery bill: 150.00
cat food/dog food: 50.00 every time we go to walmart
pizza: two large for 18.00
Linda :)