Thursday, June 1, 2006

Ok So Here It Is

I only got help from two just so you don't worry about Rick here is what I got at the grocery store.

But before I do that I will tell you that first I went to the post office and recieved a package from Sharon who ordered one of my cd's She sent me a cool magnet that says:

Dream, Dream Dream Hold on to your dreams dear friend Anything is Possible!!

  Thanks Sharon!  You definately ROCK!!!!

Then I went to the library and Miss April had to have a copy of the new cd .

It is all over town now LOL The Exxon, The post office and now the library.

Okay enough of that!  Here is the grocery list of the food I bought today.  Don't skip through it I challenge you to go to the store and buy the same items and let's see what we can come up with this week for menus.  I will try to tell you what I make from this as I do.

1. Green Beans 1.28lbs                                $1.66

2.  Medium Peaches Southern 1.01lbs.           .96

3.  Yellow Corn (on the cob) 2 ea.             $1.00

4.  White Thin Sandwich Bread                  $0.59

5.  Bagged Powdered Donuts :)                  $1.68

6.  Twice As Soft (toilet paper Amanda)   $2.39

7.  Quaker Oatmeal Supreme Cinamon     $2.96

8.  Coffeemate Vanilla Nut                        $2.84

9.  Coffee-mate Creamer (for Rick)           $2.38

10.  Country Crock Mashed Potatos          $2.84

11.  Hunt Snack Tapicoca Pudding            $1.00

12.  Hersheys Chocolate Syrup                   $1.69

13.  Canola Oil                                             $1.69

14.  Kraft Macarroni and Cheese                 $0.64

15.  Maxwell House Coffee                         $5.34

16.  Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough Icecream $2.50

17.  Chocolate Haggen Dazs                        $2.50

18.  Krustz Bread Mix HOmestyle               $1.95

19.  Shrimp                                                    $13.98

20.  Chunk Light Tuna     2 cans                   $1.08

21.  Morton Salt                                            $0.39

22.  2% Milk                                                  $3.23

23.  Ground Chuck aka Hamburger             $4.24

24.  Ground Chuck                                        $4.28

25.  Ground Chuck                                        $4.14

26.  Diet Pepsi (cold for on the way)            $1.00

27.  Glacia Water (  gave to cashier)             $$1.00

28.  x-Lg Eggs                                                $1.23

29.  Pure Cane Sugar                                      $1.54

30.  Van Camp Pork and Beans                     $0.48

31.  Riceland Jasmine Rice                             $1.69

32.  Top Round Roast                                     $5.32

33.  Center Loin Pork Chops                          $4.64

34.  Cut Up Chicken                                        $3.32

35.  Cut up Chicken                                         $ 3.39

36.  Baking Potatos                                          $1.99

37.  Vinegar ( to clean coffee pot!)                 $1.24

38.  Diet Pepsi 6pak                                         $3.00

39.  Dr. Pepper 6pk                                           $2.69

Sales Tax                                                            $1.23

Grand Total                                                  $101.21

Now send me your list and lets see it!!!!

I was hungry when I walked in the store and starving when I left. So as you can see I feel much better!



debbiewebb4465 said...

I'm going shopping tomorrow night Barbara ~ I'll show you my list ~ a lot of it will be very similar!! We'll come up with some goodies for sure :-) What a great idea!!
hugs Debbie ~xxxxxx~

nikg2005 said...

Lord Barbara you do NOT want my list!  I have 2 receipts, one is about 2 feet long, the other a foot and a half totalling $135 and 90 something respectively LOL  I'd be typing forever!


bhbner2him said...

Congratulations on being a citywide sensation!  I have already went shopping.  Spent $130.00.  Got a lot of the same stuff you did.  But some other things too.  So I suppose I can't exactly play.  But I can tell you what I do with my hamburger and chicken I suppose.  lol  -  Barbara

queenb8261 said...

You go of the town. I have already been to grocery store, so I will post my recpt. and y'all can see what I bought. LOL
Hugs and WTG!!  (I listened to MY CD just a little while ago)

inquestoftruth said...

$1.23 in sales tax????    Unbelievable!

bhbner2him said...

Hard to say for sure....especially on meat, cause you don't mention sizes....but when I go back and look at your list the things I buy seem to be within 10 cents of what you pay.  I pledge to myself never to spend more than 2.99/lb for pork, beef or premium chicken.......Seem to usually buy larger packaging than you...especially on toilet tissue and puddings.......Shrimp frozen in store hear runs $5 - $7/lb.  Got some straight out of the Gulf last weekend for $3/lb.  But delivered pizza here is the time you add in Pete's buffaloe wings and some cheesy bread...we spend $25 - $30 for the four of us.  So, every so often I buy shrimp instead, make easy, quick Louisianna Fish Fry gumbo and save money!!   -  Barbara

am4039 said...

I think I would have the ice cream and syrup. LOL

tpiez4me said...

Sounds about right for our stores...only I don't have to buy eggs...I just go out and squeeze the hens and get em fresh!  Duck eggs and now Turkey eggs too!  
Sharon -

butterflies4me04 said...

only $1.23 in taxes, WOW! I don't grocery shop .... not while I'm here at my parents .... I usually eat one meal a day and that is at work!