Sunday, April 2, 2006

And from Hadon we have Survey Says...

1. Worst damage you ever took in a fight?
   I got jumped by a girl after school one day in highschool because she liked my boyfriend who couldn't stand her.  She beat me up pretty good.  I didn't fight back much I was just trying to get away alive!  The same day was the day my Mom picked me up from school to get my first drivers license picture.  I am all bruised in the picture LOL

2. Most money you ever owed a utility company?
    $167.68  thank goodness it is lower now, but summer is coming!

3. Last time you got kicked out of a bar?
4. Longest time you slept in a car?
   Two nights on a fishing excursion.
5. Most strange nickname you've ever been given?
    "Bug eyes.  Mean boys in jr high. I have not forgotten either.
6. Worst job you ever had?
    Matching up socks....knowing that washers eat them!
7. shortest job you've ever had?
    working at the bank with snobby people
8. Longest romantic relationship?
    Will be 25yrs. and counting in June
9. Shortest romantic relationship?
   2 days

10. Food that you would eat til you puked?
  Chex Turtle Mix!
11. Food that even looking at makes you puke?
12. What music saved your life?
      Christian music

13. Person you miss the most in the world?
   My little sister Chisti
    14. Worst movie you've ever seen?
      Ghost child
15. Best movie you've ever seen?
      The Ten Commandments

16. Craziest stuff you've ever done sober?
     Just being myself LOL
17. Ever almost die?   Yes   when  nurse gave me an overdose of moraphine in the hospital.  The called code blue and everything   
18. Ever fistfight a member of the opposite sex?
     I am thinking a man better now ever even try that!  Better not go there!

23. Your favorite tattoo?
24. Least favorite tattoo?
25. At your poorest, were you a ramen noodle or Mac and cheeze kinda person..? 
Cornish Game hens
26. Most money you have ever spent on a single meal?
27. Best gift you ever got?
my son
29. Ever run from the cops?
Just the other day!

30. money or health?
        Definitely Health  If you have health you will need less money.


am4039 said...

great answers, now who would try and kick your butt.  Awwww. I never had Chex Turtle Mix before. I must try it.

trickeytricky said...

Hey Hey... I gotta "shoe freak" of an entry up over at my place, fyi. :)

My turn:
1. I honestly have never been in a real fight . . . I am to sweet for that shabazz.
2. Crap, I owed Verizon $327.00 for my phone once.
3. I am not old enough to go to a bar, maybe on July 12 I will get kicked out for
   the first time....
4. 12 hours on a trip to South Carolina, I obviously wasn't driving.
5. Trickey, Trickster, Tricky Chicky . . . Trix are for kids . . . nothing strange
   just couldn't get away from the last name.
6. Printing out some huge 1500 paged document for my boss the other day.
7. Cleaning horse stables, ruined my shoes.
8. Mike, don't know that it is romantic anymore, but he is on the list.
9. Martin Page, 8th grade, 1 day, then I let him date my best friend.
10. Cheetos.
11. Creamed Corn.
12. COUNTRY.... yee-haw!!
13. My grandpa.
14. Gigli
15. The Notebook, god I cry everytime.
16. I'm a little bit crazy all the time.
17. Shoot yes. I am thankful I don't almost kill myself more often,
    I am accident prone.
18. Yeah, Mike all the time, this girl can throw a punch!
(Where did 19-22 go?)
23. & 24. I don't have one.
25. Oh, both.
26. 104.00 - at Montgomery Inn for Mike's mother's birthday. That fed 4 though.
27. My cousin Amber once made me a calendar with pictures of her and I
     growing up from 3yrs (I had to wait for her to be born) to 18 yrs, I cried
     like a baby at that gift, and even though it isn't 2004 anymore, I still keep it.
29. No . . . neeee - v - er . . .:-/
30. Health in a heartbeat!!

Yay, that was fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Amanda :)

lv2trnscrb said...

oh my gosh; teen girls can be so vicious, can't they? Were you ever friends with her again?Did she apologize?


mtrib2 said...

Good answers.   Good one's on Krissy's quiz too.    mark

lifes2odd said...

I love these quizes and surveys. Why do they always come around when I'm working and don't have time to do them! Grrrr!!

butterflies4me04 said...

I really like this quiz ... thanks for sharing!


butterflies4me04 said...

I really like this quiz ... thanks for sharing!


robinngabster said...

Chex turtle mix??