Thursday, April 20, 2006

So What I Took The Day Off!

Today was my day off. 

I didn't clean...well just the dishes. 

 What is it with guys and dishes?  Do they think they clean themselves and jump back up into the cabinet?

Do the think their hands will shrink or fall off if they are exposed to warm water?

Let's not even go there with the clothes!

Okay I feel better now...

And then Mr. Derrick brings over some greens and Rick tells me to cook them for dinner...Not asks me mind you TELLS ME....


I spent the morning reading and taking pictures on the deck.

I spent the afternoon in the new room which I turned into my own sound studio.  The acostics are great now!  I brought in my small tv and made a shelf for it using two bricks and a couple of boards.

Brought out the karaoke machine and microphone which wasn't an easy thing to do with the heavy equipment and going through the scaffle I should have took a picture of it but...I didn't and I am not doing this again!

 I sang my heart out...a few of my guts too.


Neighbors got a free concert.  I hope they appreciated it.

Kinda like Woodstock without the drugs.

Then Rick  came home and asked me when I was going to wash dishes.

And you know the rest of the story.

Except here is the best part!!!!!

Instead I came in and watched SURVIVOR!!!


So what do I say about that? GOI   get over it!


I am going to save this.  I might be back to put in some graphics but I don't want to lose the entry.


fasttrack58 said...

I like the squirrel tree...
It's not a day off if we work... and since tomorrow is my day off maybe I should get off my buttee and go do the dishes today...
I thought I could hear you singing earlier with the good acostics and all...
Have a great tomorrow!!
Linda :)

tpiez4me said...

And I bet you were singing in the nude too! LOL!!!  The addition is coming along nicely from this angle!
Sharon -

am4039 said...

awww I didn't make it to your concert, next time you give one I'll be there just let me know. Happy you had a day off and love the pictures.

hadonfield78 said...

I missed the concert too...........  Dang It.
I'll bet it was really cool.
No disrespect to your husband.
But there is nothing wrong with a man doing dishes, doing laundry, cooking, etc.
I do it all the time.
Im old fashioned it someways.
But when it comes to taking care of the house and the kids............
To me, thats what both parents do....

stansgirl2004 said...

I wish I was there for the concert bet it was awesome
Go on strike with the dishes use paper plates
have a great day rock star!!
Love, Marina

randlprysock said...

Good for you for skipping the dishes.  I skipped mine today too.  Glad you have a day off.  I love the pictures.  Would love to hear you sing.  Hugs,

lifes2odd said...

Good for you Barbara! I plan on having a weekend similar to your day (except without the karaoke) -- just veggin'  :-)

queenb8261 said...

What a wonderful entry.  Great photos and a grat description of your day.  A concert and and a photo session! So what if you took the day off on your day off?  The world didn't end did it?  LOL tell Rick to lighten up.  Smell the coffee.  Take a breath.  LOL Hugs sis, Barb