Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I Have Learned

Life is short and very special.  You don't know how long you have so enjoy every moment you can.  Spend time with your kids.  Give them happy memories.  Take them camping.  Play ball out in the yard even though you think you are too tired. You will be surprised at the energy that you get from a little fresh air.

You may think, Oh I will do that tomorrow.  But you only get so many tomorrows and then they turn in to yesterdays.


Don't hold grudges against anyone.  You  are only hurting yourself.  The other person probably doesn't even think about it anymore or remember it at all. But you are still cooking in your own stews.

Be nice and helpful to all you meet.  One day you might need a kindness returned to you.


It's hard to hit someone who gives you a genuine smile.  Try that next time someone is mad at you.

On a job respect every single person you work with.  You never know who your next boss might be.

You can be and do anything you want to be.  Don't let anyone crush your dreams.  Dream big.

Get out there and fulfill your dreams instead of wasting your days sitting on the couch watching someone elses dreams come true..

Pray for God to guide you.  He won't lead you down the wrong path and will protect you from the enemy.

Live like it's your last day.

Love like you mean it

And laugh often.

Don't grumble about what you have to do.  Thank God that you can! 



nikg2005 said...

very well said!


stansgirl2004 said...

Big Hug, Marina

grofsand said...

words well spoken.......and should be repeated daily!    Marc :)

tpiez4me said...

Amen & Bravo!
Sharon - http://journals.aol.com/tpiez4me/CoastalComfort

lifes2odd said...

Excellent entry Barbara. I agree 100%!!
Martha :-)

fasttrack58 said...

Keep reminding me!!
Linda :)

am4039 said...

that is beautiful. Except take your kids camping part, LOL. Is there a hotel room camping?

butterflies4me04 said...

That was a great entry! It puts things into perspective for me (and I'm sure a lot of others)!


randlprysock said...

You should write a book about this subject Barbara.  It comes straight from your heart and experience and makes this a great entry! It is packed with powerful advice.  Thank you so much for sharing this.

mtrib2 said...

I have some very deep grudges that may never heal but I do not want to waste my time thinking about them.    It is easier for me to just be truthful about how I feel than to pretend it does not bother me.    Now I am really going outside and cut boards since I have gotten my alerts down to a manageable size.    mark