Wednesday, April 5, 2006

House cleaning who needs it? So I took Pictures INstead

MY PHILOSOPHY OF HOUSECLEANING! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = U4 />


I don't do windows because ...

I love birds

and don't want one to run into a clean window

and get hurt.

Besides that who wants to climb up a ladder when you can lay down and read a book?

I don't wax floors because ...

I am terrified a guest

will slip and get hurt

then I'll feel terrible

( plus they may sue me.)

Besides that I got one of those new mops and can't afford the cleaning pads that you have to buy to use them.

I don't mind the dust bunnies because ...

They are very good company,

I have named most of them,

and they agree with everything I say

And most of them live under my bed and are holding my photo albums together.

I don't disturb cobwebs because ...

I want every creature

to have a home of their own.

Who else is gonna eat the mosquitos that sneak into the house when someone named Rick leaves the door open.

I don't Spring Clean because ..

I love all the seasons

and don't want the others

to get jealous

Really!  I promised Fall Spring and Winter I wasn't gonna play favorites!

I don't pull weeds

in the garden because ..

I don't want to get

in God's way,

HE is an excellent designer!

Have you actually looked at some of the beautiful flowers that grow on weeds?

I don't put things away because ...

My husband

will never be able

to find them again

We still don't know where his socks are from the last time I cleaned not to mention the remote control. We actually have to get up and walk three steps to the television now.


I don't do gourmet meals
when I entertain because ..

I don't want my guests

to stress out over what

to make when

they invite me

over for dinner. 

And I don't want to outdo my son Eric the chef.  He went to school to learn this.  I think I should get something out of the hundreds of dollars it cost to send him, not to mention the fact that he has moved out on his own.  He better be making me something fantastic when he visits!


I don't iron because ... 
I choose to believe them

when they say "Permanent Press".

And I can't find my iron.  Plus a dryer is faster and you don't have to wait for it to heat up.

I don't stress much on anything because ...

"A Type" personalities

die young

and I want to stick around

and become a wrinkled up crusty ol' woman!!!

So everyone can take care of me in my old age

REMEMBER . . . .


mawmellow said...

Loved the pictures.  Lizards ?  Yikes !  Supper?  What in the world do you do with it ??????

queenb8261 said...

I agree with your cleaning philosophy.  Are your kids going to remember your spotless kitchen or the day you let them make their first batch of cookies or bake their first cake?  Are they going to remember your freshly vacuumed carpets or the day yoy let them use all your blankets to build forts? Robin & I have had more than one "flour fight" in our kitchen.  And ya know what? It cleans right up.  
Hugs, Barb  

robinngabster said...

Great pics.

mosie1944 said...

I love to find someone who has her priorities right.

am4039 said...

I love the pictures but the pictures of your cleaning I only had red X's. Those nasty red X's.  Yep I rather take pictures then clean too.

rayne1123 said...

great pictures...i feel the same about cleaning...its a dirty

tpiez4me said...

Yeah Baby!!!!  Like they say "a cluttered desk is the sign of genius"...guess it goes the same for a house!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it LOL!
Sharon -

trickeytricky said...

Laundry . . . or photography . . . laundry . . . or photography . . . ?

Yep, I would have to go with you on that one. I love pictures of flowers, those are my favorites.

Thanks for sharing your philosophy, lol.

Amanda :)

butterflies4me04 said...

LOL! I loved this entry! I have to agree with you on them all! :)
Great pictures too!


randlprysock said...

I loved the pictures you took on the walk. The rest of them arent' showing up in the entry on my end but I still loved the entry.  The flowers look gorgeous.  We don't have places like that in FL where it is safe to walk unless you go where it's been groomed.  Down here everything is WILD.  I'm talking snakes, gators, quick sand.  Best to stay on the beaten path.  Lol.  I think that's why I enjoyed those pics so much.  Thank God I have sidewalks in this neighborhood and a gate around it all.  I'd be scared to go out of my front door.  So tropical.  Cell phone is a must have in FL.  Between traffic making everyone stuck, late or in an accident, and the gators on the loose, and the hot heat.. must have.  I'm tellin' ya it's weird down here.  I wonder if I'm still in USA?  Lol.  Eric is a chef!  Cool!!  Does he cook for you two when he comes home to visit??  Hugs,

mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed the photos of the walk in the woods and the addition is  looking nearly done.   I could not get anything but red X boxes on the other photos.    mark