Saturday, April 1, 2006

What Now?

A few days ago I told yall that I would be now driving the 67 Buick back and forth to work until Rick fixed my Explorer which sounds like it is eating a garbage disposal.  Well the other day I decided to drive it to work.  When I got in the car it would not go into gear.  It would go in reverse, but not forward.  So I put it in reverse and then pushed it forward.  Being a little girl this was not an easy feat!

Finally after two or three times of this it would go by itself forward so I decided to take it to work which is only a few blocks or so away.

When I got off work it would not go again.  So out in the parking lot I did my forward reverse thing.  Finally I got it to go forward again after many stares and no one offering to help. WTH?

When I pulled up to the first stop sign it would not go again.

So I gunned the  motor and it made a loud roar.

The next thing I know I see red and blue lights behind me.

Yes I was getting pulled over.

The officer asked me for the usual stuff.

I think he was surprised to see little ole me driving that dragster!

I told him what the problem was and he said to be on my way but to try and keep the noise down.

Like I was trying to be loud!

Anyway I told him I would have to go in reverse to get to go forward and he said okay I will wait here until I see you are on your way.

Then he went and got in his car and stayed right behind me.

HELLLO!!!!!!  I need to back up!

Finally I had to walk back to his car and ask him to move. 

Finally the car moved forward and I made it home.

Yesterday Rick finally looked at the car and told me I needed transmission fuel.

He put that in and now the car works fine.

I drove it up to 70 yesterday and hopefully when I get in it to take it to work today I will be okay!

So that is my po po story.



robinngabster said...

It's a cool looking car.  Is that your little camper parked behind it in the picture? The green one?

lifes2odd said...

Cool car. I won't comment on the police officer, LOL! :-)

lsfp1960 said...

It looks like a great know those older cars had a look that the new ones of today  just don't have.  I had a 1954 Chev from about 1965 on for several years...gosh I wish I still had that car.  It was so comfortable to drive & ride in.  And the older ones were easier to fix, none of this computer stuff like the newer ones.  Linda

queenb8261 said...

Oh mannnn. What a day!! At least you're up and running again.

lv2trnscrb said...

glad it was just transmission fluid and something not more costly and that you are up and running with that car. Would love to see a picture of it


am4039 said...

so happy the fluid is all you needed. LOL. I can see you getting out of your car and telling the officer to move it. OH boy, how fun.

mtrib2 said...

You should carry tranmission fluid with you.    You can get a generic gallon for about $8 + tax at the automotive store.    That and a funnel to pour it in with will last a long time probably.     I got this alert.    mark

krspkrmmom said...

That's a cute little car!  Good thing it wasn't something major wrong with it.

Annie =)

tpiez4me said...

The cop musta been a man!  Esp after you told him 2x you needed to back up DUH!!!!  Cute car.  Eventually you will not want to give it up!
Sharon -