Friday, March 31, 2006

April Fools Day...The Present for Marla

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"The present, let's hear it.
Okay Marla here you go:

The Present

When Eric was in second grade I was trying to think of a good April Fools Day joke for him because he was a smart kid and catching on to all his Mommas little pranks.

So I went to the store and had a professionally done gift wrapped.  But before I let them decorate the empty box I put a small note in the bottom and added some weight to it using crumbled up paper and such.

 When school was out for the day I went to pick Eric up.  I had the present sitting on the seat when he got in the car.

The tag on the present read. Eric

Eric saw his gift and wanted to open it right away.  I made him wait until we got home.

Then when we got home, he again wanted to open the present.

I made him clean his room first.

After he cleaned his room I let him open the present.

He was so excited and wanted to know why he got a present and it wasn't even his birthday.  I told him that sometimes you get surprises in life when you least expect it.

He opened the box taking care not to mess up the beautiful ribbon that surrounded the box. 

He opened it up and inside he found.....



a note that said APRIL FOOLS!!!!   I LOVE YOU< MOM

He was not a happy fact he was a mad camper.

What kind of present is empty with a stupid note like that?

I sat him down and explained to him that it was a joke.

He said he didn't think it was very funny.

I took him to Dairy Queen......

While we were there I explained to him that even when it seemed like something looked good on the outside it didn't always mean that it was good on the inside. 

Life was full of surprises and sometimes they were good and sometimes they just made us mad.

   But no matter what happened in his life Mom was always going to be there for him to say I love you.

I don't think he appreciated this lesson until he was on his own.

One day he called me after he had moved away to go to school.  He said, "MOM I always knew you were smart, but I didn't realize how smart you were until I moved out on my own.  I learned if I followed the lessons you taught me as a kid things seemed to work out for the good.

I said, You think I'm smart now.....just wait until you have your own will think I am a genuis!

He ended this phone call with. You know Mom I still remember my April Fools Day present and the lesson that you taught me that day.

I asked him if he was still angry about that with me.

He said, no Mom because you taught me at an early age that I could count on you through the good and the bad, and if all else ice cream!

Well I am thinking "he got it!"

What do you think?   


queenb8261 said...

I think he's a lucky little boy (LOL) with a wonderful, smart and beautiful mommy. What a fun prank.   I may have to try that on one of my grown kids. LOL
Hugs, Barb  

kiplingcrissy said...

I cant wait untill my kids are a little older- so I can have fun with them on April Fools day.

tpiez4me said...

Isn't it funny how kids get so mad at pranks pulled on them!!  Esp my Tara, but she loves to dish em out!  Good Lesson Here!
Sharon -

lv2trnscrb said...

I think he got it! That was a good lesson intermixed with a cute prank. Now I'm off to read about what you did at Dairy Queen. You are soooo bad :)


lsfp1960 said...

Now that's a good just got out of the "Naughty Corner."   Linda

rayne1123 said...

that was a great lesson and i think once he was over the prank he had to laugh about's do funny things!    

inquestoftruth said...

Wow!  I wish I'd been a mom more like you!   That is a perfect story!

krspkrmmom said...

That one was good too!  I should try something like that.

Annie =)

butterflies4me04 said...

That was a GREAT one! Thanks for sharing!


am4039 said...

what a wonderful story, so happy that you shared this. You are a wonderful mom no wonder why you two are so close. I agree eat Ice Cream for almost anything that is not going good. LOL.