Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Saddest entry I will ever write PLEASE READ AND RESPOND

As of today, March the 21, 2006 I have to write that I MAY no longer be with aol.  My phone bill was outrageious.  Rick was having a cow and the phone people told me they could lower it if I went with DSL. Since I will be paying for my internet service through the phone now I will eventually have to drop my aol service.

This might mean that I will no longer be able to connect with aol.

First of all I am heartbroken.

All of the wonderful friends I have made here could be lost.

This is my current email address MastersBLynn@aol.com.

But hopefully I will be able to continiue with my interactions through your emails.

As soon as I get my new email address I will send it to all of you.

Do you value my friendship as much as I do yours?

If so please make sure that I have your email address and link to your journals.

I may not be able to leave comments on your actual entrys but I could email you one.

This is very important to me.

I do not want to lose you guys.

Please, please if you care at all for me send me your email and journal links.

I love you guys, Barbara


stansgirl2004 said...

I think you can still journal through an aim and go to our journals too call aol they will have more details or your dsl company may be able to tell you more too don't fret yet Big Hugs, Marina

eternallife23 said...

I emailed you....

mikev009 said...

Can't you get a local phone plan that allows you unlimited local calls.  ~ Mike

mosie1944 said...

You can download AIM instant messenger and keep all your buddies, and you can use AIM journals, which are identical to AOL journals; only you'll have to use other FTP space or photobucket or something like that for pictures you use.  http://aimpages.aol.com/aimblogs

cdittric77 said...

I hope that you're able to get AIM and start an AIM journal and let us know. You can find my journal at:


My email is CDittric77@aol.com

Please stay in touch - Charley

nikg2005 said...

AOL has the BYOA (Bring your own access) plan that gives you a reduced rate for not dialing up.  Maybe that could be an option.  I do know that if you do drop aol, your aol.com email will convert to a @aim.com email.


mindercella33 said...

Wow, this makes me so sad. I have dial-up to and if you are not careful you can really get socked. I will e-mail you with my journal because I really don't know it off the top of my head. (it is the new meds.) they make me forget what I said 5 minutes ago, LOL. I will sure keep in touch and hope you can get a new journal going that I can read. No matter we will find a way to keep in touch. I will ask some of my online friends for ideas, perhaps they will know something you can do. Take care and God bless, NOT GOODBYE. Hugs, Cyndy--aka mindercella33@aol.com

lv2trnscrb said...

Hugs to you, Barbara. I bet you can figure out something to make this work.

My email is Lv2Trnscrb@aol.com. Here's my journal link

but I'm hoping there's a way to make this work somehow. Tell Rick we need you and your journal. Tell him your friendship and creativity is soooo needed in J-Land.


sharonna1955 said...

oh no your my favorite journal whats going on every one i connect with is going private on me or leaving .i hope you figure out a way to stay with us barbara..i love you too

jckfrstross said...

Oh no :( here is my email address Jckfrstross@aol.com and my journal  http://journals.aol.com/jckfrstross/FrostyThoughts/

Stay in touch


krspkrmmom said...

You know my e-mail address...one of them, anyway.  You know what, I only pay $15 for my DSL (Verizon), and that's with no employee discount.  And you can still access your AOL journal...that's how I do mine.  I have AIM.  You should do that too.

Annie =)

fasttrack58 said...

I keep going through my emails to find the email advertisement that I got for this new DSL that I have and I can't find it... Now that I'm all signed up I'm thinking the advertisement was from my phone company, SBC. I thought it was from AOL because it advertised to keep AOL for $9.95 and then sign up for DSL for $24.50 a month for one year and then it would go up to $34.50. Now that I have it all settled, I now have a sbcglobal.net account too. So I'm confused as to why they would advertise with AOL. Lol.... Anyway to me it's a better deal because with dsl my phone line is now free and so we cancelled the cell phones at $75 a month. But I have not been billed for anything yet so will see how that works out...
Anyway I hope you get things worked out!!!! I always laugh how we all worry about money but we all still have our online accounts... LOL...
Linda :)

am4039 said...

you can't leave me. No you can't. I love your games. What is this which I suck at, lol. I know we will keep in touch but I want to read your journal. I guess you can have a journal somewhere else that we can read. But, it won't be the same.  Love Marla

rocketman685434 said...

Barbara that is very sad news.Can't you pay for aol on the usual anytime tarriff like most of us do.It would be a black day if you had to leave us.I hope that whatever you decide to do you can keep in touch with us all.Good Luck in whatever you decide to do.

lsfp1960 said...

Barbara, check with AOL and see what can be done...here in Washington you can make a deal between AOL & Qwest for DSL.  Check it out...Linda in Washington state     Keep in touch.

randlprysock said...

DON"T GO BARBARA!!!!!  That stinks.  Hope you can find a way around it all.  Maybe you can piggy back from DSL through phone service to AOL somehow and perhaps your new screen name will work for journaling.  I hope that you can get something worked out. I bet AOL or the phone company can tell you how.  In the meantime, here's my link:
randlprysock@aol.com is the email.

mtrib2 said...

I have not been making it to the journals recently and just got to yours to read that you may not be on AOL anymore.    If the charges are from your AOL connection that is awful.   I am on AOL for over 7000 minutes a month and it costs me nothing on my phone bill to connect.   I will leave my journal addresses for you.    You are a fantastic person to communicate with and I hope to have more exchange with you in the future.    Keep doing your artwork because you are extremely talented.   mark