Thursday, March 9, 2006

Rave These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

A- angels, autumn,apples,  Amy,Amanda,Annie

B-  books,brownies,babies, butterflys, boats,Bible,Betty,Barbara my friend

C-Christmas, cantaloupe, children, clouds, Chrissy,Chris,Cyndy

D- donuts, dogs, dictionaries, disciples, dancing, Donna, Deb, Deborah, Deryl

E-Eternal life, evenings, Eric

F-friends, Fords, french fries, fun, family, Faye

G-  God, gifts, gold, Gabby, Gabreal

H- husband, health, home, Hadon

I- ice cream,

J- jelly beans, jokes, Jesus

K- kites, krispy kreme donuts, kittens,Krissy

L- lemonade, love, lollipops,leopards, Linda

M- money, marshmellows, Marsha, Martha, Margaret, Marina, Mark, Maria, Marshel,Marti, Micheal, Myke

N-notes, nickels, names,

O- oldies,

P- people, painting, places, peppermint, puppies, Pennie

Q- Quaker Oats, quiet mornings

R-rainbows, roses, Robin, Regina, Rick

S-sunshine, spinich, swimming, singing Shawn, Shadie, Sharon, Suzanne,Sylvia

T-time with Eric, tp, Terra, Tiny, Tawnya, Traci, telling my friends about Jesus

U- umbrellas,

V-visits, Val

W- water, watermelon,


Yellow flowers, You

Z zzzzzsleeping.

Notice that work did not make the list....

Neither did exercise or diet LOL

Love ya! Barbara


hadonfield78 said...

Awe......... Thank you my dear, that is very lovely...

hadonfield78 said...

I Love Love Love Cantaloupe..........
and Autumn Apples are the most delicious..............

sharonna1955 said...

hi Barb thanks for the mention ,it made my day

lv2trnscrb said...

these were great! thanks for including me as one of your favorite things :)


krspkrmmom said...

awww...that's so cute!  I should try this.  And thanks for including me!

Annie =)

stansgirl2004 said...

Love how you included the names of friends. You are so sweet
Hugs, Marina

aljes12 said...

WOW! Interesting but don't know if I will get around to doing this one, lol!

- Jessica

queenb8261 said...

Again love your answers. It gives people a real insight into you.

am4039 said...

lol I Love it, lots of food and sweet stuff.  Hope you are doing better.

Did you get the pic with the butterflies?

fasttrack58 said...

Oh this is too cute!!
Linda :)

valphish said...

This is too cool!  Gave me the biggest smile =D!!  Hope you are feeling a bit better tonight... xox