Sunday, March 26, 2006


Guess who is coming to town! 

I guess I gave it away. 

 Eric my son will be here tonight!

  I have not seen him since his birthday! 

 I am so excited,.my heart is filled with joy. 

 All of this just because I get to see my boy!

We will have so much fun!

Just spending time together

It doesn't even matter much

To worry about the weather.

If it is sunny, we will go shopping

If it rains we'll stay inside

Spending time together

Will make it all worthwhile.

So here you go Miss Mosie

Here is my poem today

I am so excited

Eric is on his way!

Happy, Happy joy joy! Barbara


mosie1944 said...

LOL.  Thanks.

am4039 said...

let me see can I guess who is coming in town?  WHo can that be?  OH yeah, I guess I'm right it's eric.  Have a great visit.

robinngabster said...


mindercella33 said...

That's so great Barbara, nothing like seeing your child to put a big grin on your face and a spring into your step. I know you will have a great vist!  Hugs, Cyndy

lifes2odd said...

I can only imagine how happy and excited you must be! Have a great time!!
Martha :-)

lv2trnscrb said...

enjoy Eric's visit! Is he staying long?


jckfrstross said...

Enjoy your time together


rayne1123 said...

i hope you and your son have a great time...nothing better than spending time with your kids!

lsfp1960 said...

It's always nice when they come home.  I haven't seen mine for a couple weeks (yes we live in the same town) but he called me today...outa the blue...and didn't want anything...except to say "Hi Mom."  Life is good !!   Linda in Washington state

randlprysock said...

Oh this makes me so happy for you Barbara!  How wonderful!  I must value each of these precious days God has given me with my children at the ages they are.  I can't wait to hear about the fun you two will have together.  Hugs to Eric and hellos to him too!  Hugs,

trickeytricky said...

May I go shopping with the two of you? hehehehe. :)

I hope you have a wonderful time with Eric! I am so happy for you, a raise, a visit from your "little" boy . . . enjoy it! :)


terra19728 said...

I hope you and Eric have a wonderful time together!!!


fasttrack58 said...

I'm gonna guess Eric...
More woo hoo!!!
Linda :)

queenb8261 said...

Cool that you are getting a visit from your son.  Hope it's a wonderful time.