Monday, January 30, 2006

Dads Book and The Men in My Life

Anyone interested in knowing more about my Dad's book or how to get it...let me know.  It is about his experiences working as a Chaplain at A mental hospital. A page turner.

The second picture  is my Dad's military picture

Doesn't Eric look just like him?

Erics' graduation picture from High School

Rick and Eric.  They are very close and have different conversations  when Mom is not around... guy stuff...

I am glad they are so close. 

I love these three guys so much



jckfrstross said...

that book looks funny :) have a great night


lv2trnscrb said...

I will have to check your dad's book out, Barbara. What an experience that must have been.

So glad Rick and Eric are close; that is so important for a father and son.


am4039 said...

It's so nice that your husband and son are so close.  Tell us more about your dad's book.

aljes12 said...

WOW!! Eric DOES look like your dad! A carbon copy!

- Jessica

randlprysock said...

That's so great your dad wrote a book.  And so good you have good men in your life.  I would be lost without my darlng husband and my three sons.  I'm not that close with my dad because my parents divorced when I was young and remained out of touch.  This broke my heart for a long time but I had to hide it as it was a painful subject for my mother.  Now in recent years I talk to my dad via phone and letter now and then.  I'm glad we are at least getting to know eachother a little.  My grandfather though I was very close to and I miss him very much.  He is in Ohio, in a nursing home, retired pastor of many years.  He too was also military.  My dad just retired from military also.  We have a lot in common Barbara.    

terra19728 said...

Wow they look like twins.