Monday, January 9, 2006

Patricks Saturday Six on Monday

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. What is your most successful "home remedy" and how did you first hear about or discover it? 

 Putting Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottoms of your feet, or those of your children will bring down a high fever.  I learned this from a little old man who told me this at my job one day when I was worried about Erics high fever.  I thought, whatever...but I got desparate and tried it and it works!!!
2. Do you ever use substitutes for food ingredients, like sugar or salt substitutes? No

If so, which do you use? 

 I only like the real thing.  Salt on everything and lots of sugar in my coffee...I do drink diet sodas.
3. How often do you go to a mall or shopping center just to window shop, with no intention of actually buying anything? 

 We don't have a mall in our town, but if I hear someone is going to town to the mall, I want to go.  I usually start out just window shopping but figure while I am there and the item is on sale,.....

4. How often in those trips do you actually end up buying something anyway?  Every single time

5. Take this quiz (if you haven't already!): What is your biggest social dysfunction? 

Your Social Dysfunction:

You're a happy person - you have a good amount of self-esteem, and are socially healthy. While this isn't a social dysfunction per se, you're definitely not normal. Consider yourself lucky: you walk that fine line between 'normal' and being outright narcissistic. You're rare - which is something else to be happy about.

6. What possession would you most like to have by the end of 2006 that you did without in 2005? 

My new fully furnished with walls and everything living room, conferted office space and spare bedroom. Oh heck, let's just say a home makeover LOL

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Now get busy whatcha waitin for Christmas? Barbara


lv2trnscrb said...

Never heard of the vicks vapor rub remedy. Interesting! Will have to try it the next time if and when we have a high fever. (God willing we won't)


trickeytricky said...

Wow, I havent seen the Saturday Six around in a while! Good for you for showing Patrick off again, I have missed him.

Amanda :)

queenb8261 said...

I ain waitin for Christmas for at least 6 mos, sistah-friend!!  :)