Monday, January 9, 2006

I Painted You A Picture

God told me to go outside today.  He said he had painted me a picture.  I grabbed my digital camera and took some pictures to share with you.  I was also inspired to write this poem for all of you my jland friends.  God Bless you all. Barbara

                                God Has Painted Us A Picture

                                                         by Barbara   L. Masters 


God has painted us a picture

Of  the trees, the clouds, the sun and moon

Deep colors of blue mixed with red , yellow, orange and white


Behold the beauty of the sky, the sun, the clouds, the moon.

Let it's beauty comfort you

Embrace it with the love in your heart

Silently wonder in it's glory

Seize the moments


Youth does not last forever

Old days fade away

Under the wonderful clouds, the sun and moon shine through


Find some time to look above and enjoy the view

Remember that God loves you and sends this daily to you

I hope that all your dreams in your life come true.

Ever look into the clouds?

Nothing can calm you any better

Delight in the daily adventure, no two clouds are alike

So when you are feeling down....Look Up!


queenb8261 said...

I absolutely love cloud watching.  I have done it many a time since I was a small child. (Which was just a few yrs ago, you know.LOL). I believe there are miracles in clouds.  I have a picture (I've misplaced it but it's here somewhere), we were driving through Grady,TX and there is a large monument that declares Grady is the "heart of Texas"  I looked up and there was a perfect heart shaped cloud!!I have got to find that pic.  And your poem.  Very inspired. And inspiring.
Love ya-

terra19728 said...

Barbara that was beautiful and so was the poem you wrote for my son, thank you sweetie.


sglanden3 said...

unbelieveable pictures, you said god told you to go outside. god has been speaking to me alot latley. people keep asking how god talks to me and i can't explain it to them. can you explain how god talks to you? all i keep saying is i can hear him and he makes things very clear to me latly and i hope it does not stop ,because life has been great with him  in control. thanks for sharing the pictures

robinngabster said...

Wonderful! You are just the budding photographer with your new camera! I love it, keep it up.

lv2trnscrb said...

Barbara, beautiful pictures and poem! This is by far the best entry I have read of your journal so far! What a way of words you have! thank you for blessing me this morning :)


ccancu said...

Lovely picture and poem.  It just made me feel GOOD.

God Bless,

butterflies4me04 said...

Those pictures were absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
That poem was very good .... it got me thinking ... thanks!


sassydee50 said...

Barb~This is an awesome entry. Love the poem! Blessings, Deb;-)

randlprysock said...

Oh I sure did need the poem and the picture and what talent you have Barbara!!  I am very impressed with the poem in my spirit.  It is good that God does this for us each day.  And so relaxing when we see all He has given to us.

mtrib2 said...

wonderful photos.    Your poem is a description of outer appreciation and inner peace.    mark