Friday, January 6, 2006

Lisa Tagged Me

5 Things That Annoy Me... tagged by Lisa

1.  Company who don't know when to go home...usually my hubbys friends who think nothing of staying until 3 in the morning when we both have to get up and work the next day.  I usually end up going to sleep.  Also when Eric is visiting, and they keep Rick from spending time with his son.

2.  People who are rude and when you smile at them and are trying to be friendly look at you like a piece of crap and don't even say anything.

3.  Dealing with our renters and trying to be nice about the rent money being late every month.

4.  Telemarketers who wake me up from my nap and then don't even have the decency to say anything when you answer the phone.

5.  People who are suppose to be in charge and act like idiots and play around while every one else does their job.

This was too easy!

I am tagging Shawn from soul searching

Robin, Deb, Christina and Marina.


jckfrstross said...

good ones:)


sglanden3 said...

i dont no how to play tag in j-land. please explain

robinngabster said...

Did you tag me???  Or is that another Robin?  :)

lv2trnscrb said...

telemarketers - a breed of their own. I try to be nice to them, but its SOOOO hard some days.


stansgirl2004 said...

I will get to this later i keep getting Tagged but it makes me feel loved I just gotta catch up on all the journals I've been MIA too long
Biggest hugs, Marina

mtrib2 said...

Good ones.    I am lucky if I get my alerts answered today, and just don't have the energy to do to much sitting at the computer.    mark

randlprysock said...

You did a great job!!  I hate those telemarketers too!!  And yes, companies who don't know when to go home.  Yes, and rude people that don't smile or anything.  These are really good ones.  Hugs,

ccancu said...

Renters who don't pay their rent need to be evicted.   My fiance's beautiful family home was rented by this family for two years and then they skipped . . .  they'd had two big dogs who used the carpet instead of the bacyard, the children had colored all over the walls, the bathrooms were destroyed.  I could go on and on.  

We're going to attempt to find them and take them to court . . .  but it takes lots of time and effort.  These serial renters need to be brought to justice.

I didn't put this one on my list . . .  but it REALLY makes me crazeeeeeeeeeee!!!