Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ready? Set Action!

I am making a tribute to all my new jland friends.  Please send me a picture of you.  I prefer face shots.  If you want to particiapate send me your favorite pic.  I am going to make an entry using all the ones sent to me so keep it clean.  You made me put my picture in so none of you have reason to be shy.  If you just want to send me a picture, but don't want me to put it in an entry send me one anyway and I will just put you in my friends album.  This is my private journal that only I can read. Thanks for playing!!! Barbara

You can either leave me a comment or email me


lv2trnscrb said...

what a cute idea, Barbara. I'll have to see if I have any good ones to send you. I'm usually the one taking the pictures.

By the way, I read a comment you wrote in Lisa's journal (Adventures in Florida). Interesting about your father writing that book Church Mouse. I'm going to check it out.


rocketman685434 said...

Yep i sent you one of my wife and me.

stansgirl2004 said...

ON it's way
HUgs, Marina

jckfrstross said...

I don't have any :)


aljes12 said...

I'll try to get that to you soon. ;-)

- Jessica

am4039 said...

Sounds like fun, I'm still working on putting my pics on line.  I must say I haven't really done a lot of reading  yet.  Just been busy and tired.  I'll post as soon as I can.