Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Somebody Better Call Martha!!!

Somebody better call Martha because I want to invite her and all of you to dinner.

The Menu

Roast Beef with tender potatoes, carrots, onion and mushroom


Homemade White Bread

Your choice of dessert

Homemade Chewy Walnut Brownies


Butter Rum Cake


I took these pictures out to show Rick where he was at his second home in the shop and he said;

Where did you get those pictures?

I said: In our kitchen silly!

He said:  You made all that today for me?

I said:  No I made it for all my jland friends, they are all coming over for dinner

He said:  They know where we live?

I said:  Of course!

I walked back into the house after this.

He is still in the shop wondering about all this I'm sure.

My cell phone should be ringing any second.

So come on over.  Dinner is at 7:00.  No formal attire nescessary!

Martha would be proud.   Barbara


krspkrmmom said...

I'm on my way!!!  It'll take me a while to get there (about a week if I walk), so keep it warm, ok?  I'll just pick out the shrooms, and it'll be awesome!  I'll take a little of both

Annie =)

jckfrstross said...

LOL yum yum


rhondashkfree said...

Great home cooking!  Yummmm.  I just added you to my journal and had to see if my link was right.  LOL!  Due to my dyslexic typing, I could type any thing. ~Rhonda~

am4039 said...

Thanks for dinner,  It looks great.  LOL does your husband still think we are coming.  Well I am at least.  

randlprysock said...

It's now 9:02 pm and I'm quite afraid that there won't be any leftovers but that dinner looks like heaven!!  You sure can cook!!  

redpoppy007 said...

What a feast, see you in about 30 minutes, I will bring a bottle of wine.

blondepennierae said...

Have to get off this computer or I'm gonna be late.  Sounds great!  Pennie

lv2trnscrb said...

darn! I missed it. Is there any leftovers? I could be there for lunch tomorrow :)

It looked delicious; I bet it tasted even better than it looked.


robinngabster said...


terra19728 said...

I have Martha on speed dial and she said "Wow."  Count me in that looks yummy!


queenb8261 said...

Darn I missed it.  I made Rich & I beef stew for dinner and homemade dinner roll.  He had jury duty all week.  So I  thought a hot meal when he got home would taste good.  It did (if I do say so myself).  

stansgirl2004 said...

LOL Your Hubby is funny.
And you are  killing me over here woman I'm trying to diet!!!
Hugs, Marina

kiplingcrissy said...

Yummy! I would have come by-but, I spent all afternoon cooking. All we had was porkchops in my homemade bbq sauce and homemade mashed taters and some corn on hte cob.

You will have to tell me how to make homemade white bread. PLEASE?!!!


sylviam4000 said...

Making me feel hungry.