Monday, January 2, 2006

He's Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric is home!!!!! I had to show him my journal of course and he is so happy that I have such good friends here on line.

I had to tell you all something so funny.

Eric was looking at my pictures and came across the picture of his weapons table and started laughing.

I asked him what was so funny thinking he was laughing at my wit.

He pointed to the picture and said, Mom why didn't you tell me you were going to take a picture of my weapons?  I have so many more than this.

And.....he added "I would have taken my can opener off the table!"

No wonder Mark didn't know what some of those weapons were!

What are you going to do with a can opener? Take someones' lid off? LOL

We are already having a great time.

He is eating wings that I made for him for supper 

I just had to put a picture in of him stealing my place at the computer.

Have a great night!  I might just stay up for these three days!



stansgirl2004 said...

Have  a great night sweetie
Your son is a riot!
Big Hug, Marina

jckfrstross said...

LOL enjoy  your son:)


lv2trnscrb said...

How cute about the can opener; got to go back and take a look at the picture again! I missed that one.

Barbara, enjoy every single minute with Eric home!

(love Tiny)


robinngabster said...

Are you using your new camera?  :)

randlprysock said...

So glad you have your son home with you!!  I know you must be way happy!  Happy B day to Eric!!  Have a wonderful visit together.  I was so happy when Nick got home from his trip to Ohio.  I miss him when he is gone.  Hugs,

terra19728 said...

I hope you enjoy the time with your son.


mtrib2 said...

That was a good one by Eric!   Enjoyed the preparation H  and polydent joke, also the new year with the cats.    mark