Monday, January 30, 2006

Robin is a Wonder

I went to visit Robin and she was  Just wondering... so I thought I would tell her what I thought.  If you want to meet one of the nicest, sweetest people in Jland, go visit Robin and you will be blessed.

Here is what she was wondering about and this is what I think:


1.  Do you put your clean glasses away upside down in the cupboard or upside right?

Well I put away my glasses by my bed table that way when I wake up in the morning and want to see they are right there.

Actually that is not true...I wear contact lenses.

And when I did wear glasses as a child they were hardly ever clean.

2.  When you eat sunflower seeds do you eat the whole included or spit out the shell?

It depends on my mood and where I am.  If I am out in the open I can spit them suckers clean across Nebraska.  But this is only if I am alone. Not very lady like to spit.  If I don't have anywhere to put the shells I will eat the whole thing.  Some times you feels like a nut, sometimes you don't.

3.   Why is real butter more expensive?  Shouldn't fake butter cost more cause it has more ingredients in it?

Real butter cost more because it is real.  Fake butter isn't really butter at all now is it.

4.  Does the ink in the newspaper bother you?

Not really, only when I fall asleep reading it and it leaves a dark smudge on my face and people start laughing at me and pointing, now people that is just rude!

5.  Why do they have to put those nasty end pieces of bread in a loaf? Nobody eats them.

Hey!!! Those are called heels and make the best soaker for grease at the bottom of a meat loaf. And they help to keep the rest of the bread from drying out. And if all you have to make a sandwich with is two heels, wouldn't you use them?  We all have our place in this world.  Some of us are heels. We keep everything together and some of us are the center piece. 

6.  Does the blood rush to the heads of the people who live on the under side of the planet?  I mean they are upside down aren't they?

Maybe it is us that are upside down.  I feel this way very early in the morning when I wake up.

7.  Why does it matter if there is anything living on Mars?  Are we ever gonna live there?

Now this is just silly...who could live on a candy bar?

8.  Who started the whole rumor about a pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow? 

It is not a rumor....I am still looking for it, a girl has to dream you know. I suppose next you are going to say that the tooth fairy is a figment of my imagination.  This is not true!  I have seen her and I think I could be related because she looks alot like my Mom

9.  Why do we call beds "Queen" size and "King" size?  Did a queen sleep in that size bed?  Did the King always get the biggest one?  And a twin....what's that all about? Do twins sleep in that size? 

 I don't pretend  to know everything. I guess this is something we will just have to wait until we get to Heaven to ask.

10. Why do I have such a simple mind?  And why do these things keep me awake at night?

You are not simpleminded.  My parents always taught me if you have a question, you should raise your hand high and ask out loud in a clear voice so everyone can hear you.....and if you get that look like I got all through school, just ignore it.

I hope I helped Robin, if you have any more know what to do!



robinngabster said...

I meant "drinking" glasses you silly think you!!!  And how can I be the nicest, sweetest person in JLand? I thought that was you!  :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Robin and you are two of the sweetest, nicest people I know in J-land. So glad you helped her with her wondering! I loved your answer to #7


fasttrack58 said...

It wouldn't be J-land without a daily dose of Robin...
Great answers!!!
Have a great week!
Linda :)

mtrib2 said...

Enjoyed reading your inventive answers.   mark