Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Winner of Barbaras' Wacky Wednesday Photo

  A lot of great guesses guys!!! Thanks for playing! ?    mark
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mtrib2 - 1/29/06 4:44 PM

   a metal stool..??  lol
Comment from alphamoon65 - 1/29/06 4:00 PM


Ok, looks like the red part on the top is a fifties shiny vinyl sparkly chair and the bottom looks like wood... it's going to be a coffee table? A footstool?  And the bag under it all looks like someone's snack... it's probably growing by now.  Okay, I give up, tell us what it is please.  Hugs,
Lisa  : )  (This is kinda fun and addicting guessing what these things are...)  
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randlprysock - 1/28/06 8:29 PM


wow what is that, I'm sure it's something simple but I have no idea.  LOL.  Even when I have an idea I'm way off base anway.  I'll think about it and try to answer.  I love your games. They are always fun.  Thank you.
Comment from
am4039 - 1/28/06 6:53 PM


looks like dough rising in a bag some place.....

Comment from
lv2trnscrb - 1/28/06 5:03 PM


snake cage?
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robinngabster - 1/28/06 3:33 PM


How about a Lantern.lol my first guess was a hamster cage you know one of them rotostacks.
Comment from
rocketman685434 - 1/28/06 3:13 PM


lazy susan?

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jckfrstross - 1/28/06 2:10 PM


camp lantern ????
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mawmellow - 1/28/06 2:03 PM

  First to guess right!!!! 

Could it be some sort of Blending machine
Comment from
rocketman685434 - 1/28/06 2:01 PM


This is a long shot, but it looks like a blender......
Comment from
hadonfield78 - 1/28/06 1:57 PM



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lv2trnscrb said...

Congrats to the winner! That was a tough one for me.