Monday, January 2, 2006

You Say Goodbye and I say Hello

This is me saying goodbye to 2005.

Here are some of the old entrys from 2005 that stand out for me, if you want to catch up this is Barbara in Readers Digest Form:(of course you are more than welcome to read forward and drawkcab too)

I hate to start with a sad one...but that is how I got started here

10/8/05    my little sister caution this is sad 

And then there is the other sad one about Jacob

10/8/05    Jacob 

I don't mean to beg...but PLEASE..AHEM go and sign my map! 10/19/05


The start of my new job...

10/19/05    Shopping Carts Are Heavy!!! 

 I am blessed

11/25/05    God Has Blessed Me In My Life

Those are just a few that describe 2005 for me.

Hello 2006!!!!

I am so happy that 2006 is here and looking forward to reading about you and your adventures.

So here's a toast to the best year yet!!!

Words of Wisdom for today:

Give people more than they expect or ask for, go the second mile and do it cheerfully.  You will be blessed more than they are.   Barbara 


jckfrstross said...

heres to a new year :)


mtrib2 said...

I don't know if I am on the map because it does not show pin point.   I unchecked the box to become a member.   Am going back to reading laying down on the board and cushion because that is the only way I can concentrate.   Salty and I went a mile round trip to the little lake near home.    I am doing sit-ups after reading for hours on the board.   They seem to help more than any of the other exercises I do.   My back makes cracking and popping sounds, and I can feel it strengthening and not so stiff.    Enjoy your day,    mark

lv2trnscrb said...

I love your words of wisdom, Barbara. I'll be back to sign your map, I promise.


tamjgny said...

Your sister was beautiful.