Friday, January 13, 2006

Robins 5 er

Hi guys!!! 

It's Friday and it is time for what I call "THE 5'er!"     

If you want to play all you do is cut and paste these questions into your journal.

This weeks theme is...Birthday's!


My Birthday is February 16th

1.  How many candles will be on your next birthday cake?

There will be 45 candles on my cake, that hopefully my chef son will make for me.  He makes such yummy creations.  Only problem is that they are so beautiful, you don't want to cut them....I will take pictures first!!!

2. If you get a birthday cake do you prefer butter cream frosting or the whipped? I like German Chocolate frosting!!!


3. What was the best birthday present you ever got?

My mothers ring that Eric bought for me when he was nine which I lost during the Christmas holidays at Eric's house when I was crawling around the floor before I got the cane.  Eric called yesterday and told me he found it by his hot water heater when he swept his kitchen floor.. Thank goodness.. I was so sad when I lost it that I cried.

4.  Has anyone ever thrown a surprise birthday party for you? 

No. I have thrown many for other people.  I love to surprise them.

 If so did you know about it or were you really surprised. If not, would you like for someone to throw you one?

I would love to be surprised....

5. If you could be any age on your next birthday and have that age stick how old would you want to be?

Sixteen was fun.  I was so in love.  But then I wouldn't have met Rick and had our great wonderful son.


There ya go....blow out those candles and get to answering! 



robinngabster said...

So glad he found your ring!  My husband LOVES german chocolate is probably his favorite.

THanks for playing!

krspkrmmom said...

Since you asked, my b'day is June 12th.  To answer your question in your ranting (lol) comment, she tried to suspend it, but since I paid for some of the order already (with another form of payment), it wouldn't let her.  To make things worse, there was a screaming baby behind me too...turned out to be one of my

Annie =)

queenb8261 said...

Happy Birthday early! Glad your ring got found.  And I too love German Chocolate cake.  Darn New Year's resolutions.  No chocolate around here for a while.  LOL

lv2trnscrb said...

So glad Eric found the ring. I would have been devastated too.


rhondashkfree said...

~*** The Birthday theme was great.  Loved your answers.  ~Rhonda~