Sunday, October 16, 2005


My husband thinks I am getting addicted to my computer.  NOT I have just found that it can be for more than fun and playing.  What I really got it for was to write my book. I really need to get serious about doing that.  I have had about a month off from working and I still haven't gotten around to working on it much.  I know exactly what I want to write about it is just making myself sit down and start it.  I have many ideas for a couple of books.  Where would the great writers be like Danielle Steelle and Fern Michaels if they procrastinated like me.  Oh here I go again.  I have enjoyed reading everyones journals though and have laughed and cried.  I will just have to limit myself to an hour a day or something.  Wish me luck on my writing...I need it. 

The darn hives came back to visit me last night.  I thought I was home free when they didn't show up until midnight.  I guess they were out having a party.  I made homemade chili and bread last night for supper and my husband and I stayed up late singing karaoke together and it got too late to eat.  Guess what we are having for lunch today?  We had fun though.  He really likes the band Rascal Flatts.  Me too.

Today I am going to try to get some stuff done around the house.  I only have one more day before I get busy training for my new job.  I hope it all goes easily for me traveling to San Antonio to learn how to become a cashier.  I mean I have already been dealing with money for over 15 years.  The first class is company orientation.  It is a four hour much orientation does a person need to run a cash register?  The second class on Tues is for learning how to sack grocerys.  This one is two hours long.  Whew.  That's alot of grocerys I guess.  Tues class starts at 5-9 for first class and 9-11 for second class.  6 hours of training.  I probably won't get home until after midnight.  Oh well maybe it will be fun. 

The one thing that I am not going to like is that on Thurs I have to miss my favorite show Survivor.  I hope I can figure out how to tape it.  My VCR has been acting up.  When I put my application in I said I could work from open to close everyday but Thurs  When they asked me why I was honest with them and told them about my Survivor addiction.  They just laughed at me "This is serious People"

Oh well I guess I will "survive" 

Have a great day everyone out there in J land.  Catch you later, Barbara

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