Wednesday, October 26, 2005

day is done

It's Me

Okay I am not sure if frustrated is the right mood.  GIVE US MORE CHOICE!!!!  Anyway.  I know I said I wasn't going to write until tomorrow, but I have to say this:

I have trained over 100 people on the first days of their job and I have tried always to be understanding and patient.  Today I was smart and took a "cheat" sheet with me so that I could answer my own problems.  I was doing great.  I was taking my time and making sure that I was nice to each person and chatting it up and all that good stuff.

Side note:  I hate going to pay for my stuff and the cashier barely even acknowledges my presents.  Some don't even say hi or anything, they just ring up your purchase and then tell you the price.  Sometimes not even thanking you.

I think it is very important to slow down enough so that you are careful with their purchases and that you are accurate.  Smile at the kids and show your personality.

 Okay so I am doing fine and then this lady came up with her WIC.  I am very careful to treat these people the same and to be accurate ringing up their purchases.  Any way this cashier who was sent to releave me for a break comes up and instead of saying something like, oh let me help you with that, she says.  Move you are doing that all wrong, I'll do it and starts typing on my register and doesn't even explain what she is doing.  Well I had been doing it right all night and just when she came up I had misjudged a cereal purchase.  She was rude. 

And there is also this one bag girl who is probably a wanna be cashier but couldn't pass the test or something who gives me "attitude" any time I ask for help.  I asked her to get a customer another choice of something and she said, call a manager, I'm not going.  I am trying really hard not to reach across and knock her on her... no can't do that..but i guarantee you i will remember these two after I have been there awhile and I will go back and ask them why they were so hateful to me on my second day.  Cheez, I am going tomake a couple of mistakes on my first days...give me a break!!!

I think she is just jealous, as for the first girl wtf?  Can't you say it in a nicer way?  I wish I could avoid these two but they look like they work alot so I am going to have to pretend to like them. 

I really do have to get to bed though because after my little mini vacation from the working world 5:00 is going to be here before I know it.  I am going to try and get up at 5 so that I have plenty of time to drink my coffee and eat something before work. I only work until 11 so afterwards I am going to the bank and probably back to the store.  Only this time to shop because we are out of everything.  Today for lunch I ate a hard as rock sandwich and stale chips. sounds delicious don't  it?  Any way I will say nite nite for tonite and I will write some tomorrow when I get home running around after work.

I have been through worse things at work and I will survive these morons who I guess think I can't hang.  Believe me, I know how to hang.  Just Wait and SEE!!! Barbara

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