Thursday, October 27, 2005

Morning Hours/ My Parents Are The Best

Another day another dollar

Today I went in to work at 7:00 am yes I did wake up!  I was dreaming that I was at my job already and that I couldn't find the number I needed to get away from the cash register.  :)

I hate those kind of dreams because you wake up tired.  I had a hard time going to sleep last night.  I think I am getting my wisdom teeth or something because my teeth ache at night so bad that I have to go and take advil.

My mom called me today and said she had to go tomorrow and have a test or treatment done to her eyes.  What she has has a long name that I won't even attempt to write.  Anyway she said that they were going to give her an her eye!!! What!!!! No Way.

My mom has been through a lot.  She has survived breast cancer. She lost my little sister to lung cancer.  As a young girl she lost her brother to appendicides. She had diverticalitus, and she also had some kind of thyroid surgery that left her talking like Minnie Mouse for awhile.  Through all this she has kept her crazy sense of humor and love of life.  I admire her so much.  She keeps me in line when I complain about work or something that did not go my way.

She has helped so many people through out the years.  She is 69 years old and still walks 5 miles a day.  You wouldn't catch me walking one .

She has had the love and support of my Dad for 49 years.  They will be celebrating their 50th anniversary soon.  My little sister always wanted to do something up big for them.  Hopefully I can get with my older sister and we can do something for them.  Any ideas?

My Daddy is my hero.  He is retired from the San Antonio State Hospital and worked with the patients there as head chaplin.  He does so much to help out other people too.  He is my sounding board and confidant.  He has actually been published with a book that he wrote call Church Mouse by Dr. Robert F. Cullum.  If you like to read this is a great book of true storys of what it is like to be a mental patient in a hospital and the people that treat them. I read it in one day.

He has a lot of patience with the patients.  I thank God for my parents everyday.  I was one of the lucky ones that actually got two people who love and adore each other and spread the love around.

Thanks Mom and Dad

Well this took a turn didn't it.  I was going to go grocery shopping after work today but hadn't made up my list yet, so I came home and typed up my list and got my coupons together. I am going to shop after I get off tomorrow.

I only work until 10 am...but I have to be there at...5:45!!!

i SURE DO hope that they don't schedule me that early alot.

Saturday I don't go in until 4.  The girl that was rude to me yesterday tried it again today and I turned to her and "politely" told her that I was fine and if I needed her help I would call her. GRRRR

Everyone else there are great. Oh and I also got paid today, and guess what?  I already earned a special bonus of $100!!!

I freaked.  I think I will keep this information to myself and spend it on the family for Christmas because if my hubby learns of it he will just want me to pay the whole electric bill ask..what if he reads your journal?

Not going to happen.  He hates this computer and has not been on it once.  He is afraid he would break it.  And even if he got brave enough to use it he would never know where to find my journal.  So I am safe on venting all I want. :).

Well I guess you are tired of hearing about me today so I will say TOODLES, Barbara 

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lvrs4evr28 said...

hey! $100 ahead already! Can't beat that!!

Ugh early hours are dreadful, but just think---You get off earlier!

I dream about work at night sometimes.  I call it a nightmare! LOL

You are really inspired by your parents.  They sound like wonderful people!!

Holly :)