Monday, October 24, 2005

I Survived And Now Am Answering My Own Questions


Okay so I have just finished my first day as a cashier and I survived!!!  All the customers were really nice and even helpful.  I thought it would be fun to go back and answer some of my stress questions from the entry before and how I handled it.

Many of the customers were surprised that it was my first day.  They said they thought I knew what I was doing...thanks anyway here goes:

Yesterdays entry with questions answered lol and halleluiah!

Tomorrow is my first actual day as a real life cashier. I am trying not to be nervous about it, but I have so many questions.  Where do I pick up my money? ok this one was explained to me when I came in for my shift, I went to the front office and they gave me my till.  From now on though I will be getting it out of a safe with my number on it all counted and ready to go.  They don't give you time to check the start amount which I am not too crazy about because I think it would be more fair if you knew for a fact that you are starting with a certain amount.  That way if you are over or short, you would know it was right to start with. Long answer, no wonder I was stressing!!

Am I going to be working alone at my own register? Yes, as soon as I got there they put me all alone on my own register, and it was busy it was swim or drown time and I swam!!!!

What if some jerk gets in my line and gives me a hard time? Most of the customers were really nice.  There were two old ladies who complained because they had to wait on someone going to get another ham for them because they pick one that was not marked.  But they would probably have found something wrong no matter what happened.

 What if he is my very first customer?  He wasn't and they weren't.

Will I get a break? I did and I didn't even notice the time flying by until 4 hours into my shift.   Then I was given a 15 minute break. 

 Will I have a nicotine fit? Didn't even remember that I smoked I was so busy lol

Will I remember everything I learned?No I didn't, but I caught on real quick and asked for help. 

 Are they going to be patient with me?  Everyone but the two old ladies so I guess that is pretty good  

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Thank You God!!!!

So it went very well and now I will be off tomorrow.  I am going to CHILL OUT  I will do some cleaning but I am also going to pamper myself tomorrow and have a Barbara day.  I go back to work on Weds. from 5:15-9:30.  I will survive!!!!


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