Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Barbara is

barbara is nuclear free( of course)
barbara is back (and you're gonna be in trouble)

barbara is a high energy dance fiddler from springfield (i wish)
barbara is a friend indeed (you got that right)
barbara is a contemporary colourist who has had a love affair (never)
barbara is a vision of loveliness ( thank you!)
barbara is okay ( I am not too sure)
barbara is now accepting applications (nope just got a job)
barbara is just like (everyone else)
barbara is a wierd creepy witch ( I am not!)
barbara is home from (Austin)
barbara is home from the (job training)
barbara is right (you had any doubts?)
barbara is a medium sized city with an official population of about 90 (wow)
barbara is now accepting applications for funding ( sure send it all my way)
barbara is approximately 92 ( I am not!)
barbara is a city rich in history
barbara is the county's largest city
barbara is also a qualified hopi ear candle therapist (a what?)
barbara is a beautiful city on the coast of southern california along highway 101
barbara is a private foundation with its central headquarters in munster
barbara is more than a picturesque resort
barbara is usually represented standing by a tower with three windows
barbara is served by the santa barbara airport (what's for lunch?)
barbara is like a bright tapestry ( you are too kind)
barbara is amazingly serene about her power
barbara is a psychotherapist ( i wish)
barbara is building up a library here of articles that she has and will be writing
barbara is filled with spectacular natural beauty ( yep)
barbara is a recognized leader in production and sales with many impressive accomplishments
barbara is a great cook (my family agrees)
barbara is great for business ( and will prove it)
barbara is the owner of scrumptious cafe (that would be nice)
barbara is easy ( hey now!)
barbara is a modern woman who refuses to be cowed by anyone and won't take any bull
barbara is famous
barbara is happiest with what she sees as an important transformation in herself
barbara is a very strong woman and very fun to be with (but of course)
barbara is also contemplating bike riding on the weekends (me exercise?)
barbara is an australian gold producer (show me da money!)
barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning (super hero!)
barbara is one of our customer relations managers (future title perhaps?)

barbara is a vision of loveliness ( wow thanks!)
barbara is back (again?)
barbara is just 18 lol

barbara is happy to speak to children ( i love kids!)
barbara is about to release her latest cd (want a copy?)
barbara is a child psychiatrist practising in (this is my dream job)
barbara is a leader with experience (been there done that)
barbara is a patron of coal miners ( my grandpa was a coal miner)
barbara is a walking campus and parking is limited (whatever that means lol)
barbara is responsible for this behavahoir ( I am not!) everyone blames me

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