Sunday, October 9, 2005

We'll Hold You In Heaven

Last night I wrote a poem to give to Jacobs' parents.  It helps me to write out my feelings. Jacob will be missed by many people.

                             We'll Hold You In Heaven

Jacob at the very beginning we loved you.

As we made plans to hold you and love you.

Completely loved and adored you.

Our hearts are now broken, we miss your smile.

But so suddenly it happened, and now you are gone.


Death has taken you away, but your memory lives on.

And out tears fall like rain, we have so much pain.

Nothing could be done to stop this, you had to go.

I know God called you into his arms that sad day.

Each day we had you here with us was special.

Loving you through all your childhood years.


Constantly we will remeber you, all the joy you gave.

And we will hold you in Heaven someday.

Right now we still have work to do.

The time for us to finish was God has planned.

Even though we didn't get the chance to say good-bye.

Remember that we'll hold you in Heaven someday.


It happened so fast and we miss you so.

Thanks to Jesus, we will see you in Heaven again.


I hope it helps them, but really nothing eases the hurt of losing a child.  


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rjet33 said...

It is a beautiful poem, Barbara.  My Mom knows firsthand, the pain of losing a child.  I pray to never know that pain.