Saturday, October 22, 2005

training sucks

Last night I was too tired to make an entry.  I had checker traing and it lasted 5 long hours.  I passed both of my tests. The instructor was confusing and went too fast on the important information that we were being tested on, but with the help of God I did pass.  I know once I start this job and get into the swing of things I wil be fine.  I have to go early today and finish the last class.  It will be from 12-6.  The part I don't like about today is that I have to drive myself.  The girl I was riding with has to stay in town for a party.  I am sure I will be fine, I just don't like driving in SA.  After class today if I am not too tired I am going to buy me some more khaki pants somewhere.  I am off tomorrow.  THANK GOD.  I will write more tonight as I am not in the mood for thinking right now, I will get enough of that later in class.  So for now....peace out. Barb 

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