Sunday, October 30, 2005

mood swings i hate them


Okay now I feel bad.  I went in the kitchen and cut up the potatos and was going to make the pie and we have no milk.  I suggested to Rick that he turn the handle on the pot of oil that he was using to fry the fish ( yes it turned into him cooking it inside) and he snapped at me to get out of the kitchen.  And what do you know I start crying like a big old baby.

He came after me and hugged me and said he was sorry.  He said for me to just relax that he wanted to do something for me for a change.

Why are you crying?  I don't know!!!

I guess sometimes I just take it and take it and then it reaches my eyes and the water just comes out.

He really is a good guy and does try to do special things for me, he just snaps alot

 This is how he was raised, his whole family yell at each other, but to them they are just communicating.

When I was growing up I never saw my parents fight.  No one ever raised their voices.

For the first 5 years of my marriage there were times when I thought my husband hated me.

That is what happens when you are raised in Disneyland where the whole world smiles all the time.

I am not complaiing as you will read in my earlier entrys

I have to keep minimizing this because Rick keeps coming to check up on me, he just came in and gave me another hug and to make sure I was okay

Gotta love him.

I guess all this new job and pressure is getting to me

but..........I will be fine.


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