Thursday, October 13, 2005

new job

Hi All

I went yesterday to turn in my paperwork . I am starting out as cashier.  I am so excited and a little nervous.  I don't like starting new jobs, it is like going to a new school where you don't know anyone yet.  The thing is , is that I am only going across the street from the restaurant I worked at for 7 years, so my time management will be the same.  Next week I will be extremely busy as I go for my training classes.  I have to go to San Antonio to attend.  I have class on Tues. night from 5-9 and then 9:15-11:15.  That will be company orientation and sacking.  Then Weds. I go here in Lytle for local orientation.  Thurs I go in from 5-9 for alcohol training,  Friday I go in for Checker I and Sarurday fpr Checker II.  I get paid while I am being trained so I will make a little bit of money.  Hopefully I will get plenty of hours with plenty of off time too.  Oh yeah, that is in the perfect world.  I will take what I can get for now and be happy.  I have so many friends and people who care about me.  I am truly blessed.  For these next couple of days I have off before starting all this I am going to try and get organized in the house.  I still have to go and buy me some khaki pants for work.  Well like I tell my son ODDAT.  Which means One day at a time.  It was so nice seeing Eric I miss him so much now that he lives in Austin.  But he loves it there and it is a much better place for him.  I will go visit him again soon and he can always come and see me,  gotta go clean this place and get ready for the day.  God Bless those who enter here and remember Jesus Loves You. Love, Barbara.  Be in prayer for my parents as they are traveling to Illinois tomorrow to attend a wedding

Oh yeah, and I went to the doctor for my hive situation and he said it was good that I came in because after your lips swell up it goes to your throat and can suffocate you.  He put me on steroids and benedryl.  It is getting better.  Those hives are awful.  I don't know what I had an allergic reaction to, I guess it could have been nerves or stress too.  I am getting better now, thank you God.

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