Friday, October 7, 2005

still looking for job or maybe not maybe i'll become a writer

I am so glad to be away from the rat race of the pig .  That is my nickname for the resturant I quit after 7 years of faithful, honest dependable service.  I miss my customers.  I used to spoil the heck out of them.  Maybe they miss me too.  Anyway I was thinking while I was off work I should write a book about the place and all the people I have met and worked with there.  It would be a best seller for sure.  You wouldn't believe all the things that have gone on there.  What do you think?  Anyone reading this ever been a waitress?  It is hard work but can be very rewarding and fun. Check back from time to time and maybe I will tell you all a few stories about the place.  Also if anyone would like to talk to other waitresses from all over my favorite place to go is kiss my bitter  I have made a few friends there.  I also like to paint, sing and write.  I like to read what other people write about too.  I have a son that is 21 and just finished chef school and is already working as a chef.  I went to go and see him for a few days in Austin and we had a blast.  We even went swimming in the rain. HOpefully I will get some feedback from someone. Until next time...exwaitress angel

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