Friday, October 7, 2005

my little sister caution this is sad

This is my guardian angel. People say we look a lot alike.  She was beautiful inside and out.

I just realized what day it is.  My little sisters birthday.  She died of cancer 3 years ago on Oct.21.  She was only 35 and had two small children ages 6 and 9.  I miss her so much.  She was my best friend.  Even though she is gone now I can still feel her around me and it is wierd because now that she is in Heaven it seems she is right here with me sometimes.  I wish we could have had her here longer.  She was such a terirfic person.  She worked with children as a coach.  She was awesome and went the second and third mile with them.  She made her children the coolest scrapbooks and it helps them to remember her.  I miss her so much.  Cancer is such a hateful thing.  It turned my little sister Christi from a vivacious woman into an old person.  She had the most beautiful blonde hair and it was so hard on her to lose it.  The other day I heard a song by Rascal Flatts about a girls who dies of cancer.  I can not listen to that song.  It makes me so sad.  I love all their other songs.  I bought their new CD and I have to leave the room when that song is on.  Happy Birthday Christi I love you so much and always will...your big sister Barbara


rjet33 said...

She looks like she was a beautiful vivacious lady, Barbara.  I have lost family members to cancer as well, my beloved grandfather and a favorite great aunt.  It is a nasty disease.  My husband and I got married on October 7, 1978.  We buried my granddaddy on Christmas Eve of that same year.  He died from lung cancer, as did my favorite great aunt.  I pray they find a cure for cancer, so children won't lose their Mom's and sister's don't lose their sister's until it is meant to be.


mkolasa101 said...

You right it is very sad to think that someone so young with little children of her own would have to subcumb to a disease such a cancer and my heart goes out to you who I know miss here terribly.  What a nice post expressing how much you miss your sister.  I truly believe that she is there around you at the time you need her most and I bet you can talk to her with just a thought.  Blessing to you sweetheart.