Friday, October 21, 2005

Alcohol Training

Okay so I wrote all this last night and when I got ready to save it my computer was kicked off aol. wth?  Anyway here goes.  Last night I went to alcohol training for my new job.  This is the only part about the job that I do not like.  I don't like telling someone that they can not purchase any more alcohol because state law prohibits me from selling any alcoholic beverages to a person who has had enough.  Most people do not take too kindly to someone stopping their "fun"  especially if they have already passed the  point of no return.  Also when minors come in and try to buy with fake id's or just slip by.  The policy at my new job is that we have to id anyone who looks under 30, even if we know for a fact that they are old enough.  Okay... So I decided what I was going to do is just be a pain about it and let it be known that I would definately id you if you came through my line with matter, what hubby included.  That way I will get a reputation of always being the one who ids people and maybe they will go through someone elses line.  This way I can avoid having to do this.  What really gets to me about it isn't the fact that I have to id someone or refuse to sell to them .  It is the fact that if I make a mistake and sell to someone who is either intoxicated or a minor I could face a fine of $4000.00 or a year in jail. Guess what I don't have $4000.00 to spend on someone's good time and I sure as hello am not going to go to jail for a year.  So FYI if you are going to buy alcohol illegally...PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY LINE. I WILL ID YOU EVERYTIME. 

Today I go in at 5 for checker training.  I will be there until 11 so that means I won't be home until midnight I am sure.  I hope I catch on to this training fast because I am already on the schedule for Mon night.  I usually learn real fast and I am sure I will do fine. 

Luckily I have my nights off next week for Tues and Thurs and will not miss any of my shows.  I got online last night to find out what happened during Surivivor.  It is not the same as "being there".  But at least none of my favorites were voted off.

I would actually love to be on one of the reality tv shows.  My first pick would be Big Brother because they have a potty, food and even a pool.  Survivor would be my second choice because of the adventure of travel and living on the land.  I would never never want to be on Fear Factor.  That show scares me lol.  Well I guess this is long enough for now.  I can't believe that I am up this early writing down my thoughts.  I do enjoy letting it all out and I think it will help me to keep my thoughts organized.  Anyway Until later...........Barb  

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Jerome said...

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