Sunday, October 23, 2005

all day long


I spent all day today trying to log on.  I have no idea why my computer was giving me a hard time.  All I know is that when I go to log off each day it won't let me.  I don't want to just turn my computer off, I am paying alot for this and I sure don't want to break it.

Other than fighting with my computer I worked on my lion family.  I am painting a picture of a male and female lions with 3 lion cubs.  I love to paint. 

Tomorrow is my first actual day as a real life cashier. I am trying not to be nervous about it, but I have so many questions.  Where do I pick up my money? Am I going to be working alone at my own register? What if some jerk gets in my line and gives me a hard time?  What is he is my very first customer?  Will I get a break?  Will I have a nicotine fit? Will I remember everything I learned?  Are they going to be patient with me?  OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Ok stop stressing will be great.  I must repeat this one hundred times.

The cook from my last job called me today and told me that everyone misses me there.  She said that the manager was still a witch spelled with a B.  I knew that already.  The reason I quit. 

It is getting cool here.  A cold front is blowing in.  Right now it is 66 degrees.  For some of you that is probably hot, but here in Texas it is YEAH!!!!

Maybe I will write more later, Barb 

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