Monday, October 17, 2005

Last Day To Be A Bum

Well this is the last day to be a bum.  Tomorrow I go in for my training.  I needed to find some khaki pants for my new job so I went to the store and found some that the kids use around here for school uniforms.  NOT . They were too tight on my waist and too big in the butt.  I hate shopping for pants.  I am short and if they fit me in the waist they are too long.  I said a quick prayer and then I went searching in the great closet.  And would you believe it?!?  I actually found some khaki pants that fit me everywhere!!! I was so excited I did the halleluia dance all over my house.  My dog thought I went mad and started barking at me.  Well thank God I have my uniform all ready to go for tomorrow.  When I am in town I will but me a couple more pairs at a decent store.  We have no clothing stores to speak of here in the great town of Lytle.  I wish we could get a Wal Mart or something like that here.

Anyway, I am good to go.  I have another girl who is also new going with me to train so I won't have to go it alone.  My husband just came to check out what I was doing and isn't too happy that I am on the computer again so I will cut this short for now.

I hope the hives don't visit me again today, so far so good.  Until later when he is sound asleep lol. Barb

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