Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Questions


Okay I got this from Amanda;

I will answer them, then you have a go:

Halloween Questions:
1)  What are your three favorite scary movies or Halloween movies?
1.  The Shining

2. Poltergeist

3. Texas Chain Saw Massacre (remake)

2)  What is the scariest monster to you?

Dracula or vampires oh yeah and I also like that movie Van Helsing and The Village 

3)  What is your favorite Halloween candy? 

candy corns, m&m's ,mars candy bars, bubble gum, carmel apple suckers,   oh was I suppose to choose just one? That would be like eating one potato chip don't ya think?

4)  Have you ever seen a ghost?

Actually yes, at my last job we had a girl ghost who was there all the time.  She liked to play tricks on us such as throwing the toaster across the room,  putting fake tickets on the cooks wheel, and she also would make things fly off the counter. She scared some of the people I worked with, but she didn't scare me, I would just tell her to behave.

5)  Do you own any glow-in-the dark clothing?

my pajamas lol

6)  Would you spend the night in a haunted house?

not a house that was haunted by mean ghosts, but one like the little girl, sure.

7)  Have you ever bobbed for apples?
Yes, when I was in high school we all got together at a friends house and I had spent hours getting ready for the guy I absolutely adored, and not thinking about how the makeup would get all smeared and stuff I stuck my whole head into the bucket of apples and came out looking like a drowned rat.  Needless to say I didn't get the guy lol

8)  What is your favorite Halloween memory? 

My favorite memories of Halloween are the years I spent celebrating with my son Eric.  We would dress up in comtumes that went together such as football player(him) and referee(me) Doctor in Training(him) and Patient( me and people thought I had been in a real accident because I gave myself a black eye, road rash and a broken leg and walked with crutchs) Then when he got into the scary phase he went as a dead person and i went as the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. Complete with the red shoes and all.

 9)  What is the scariest nightmare you have had? 
I dreamed that my niece Kellie was drowning and I couldn't reach her.  I called her house right away and told her she could never go swimming for the rest of her life.  Well she is 25 now and perfectly safe. 
10)  Are there any famous haunts in your town?

The restaurant where I worked.  Some people don't believe it until they work there.

 okay nopw it's your turn leave me a link so i can go and read your answers. Thanks, Barbara

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