Saturday, October 29, 2005



Just feeling sad because this will be my first year not to be with Eric at Halloween, we both have to work. Like I told ya'll he is a chef in Austin and we live 2 hours and 6 minutes away.

I miss my little boy.  He is all grown up now, 21 and moved away and on his own.  I miss the noises he made just walking around the house.  He used to play his guitar and I could listen to him for hours.  He is that good.

When he first started playing the saxaphone. He was horrible...I didn't want to hurt his feelings but the noise was really unbearable...note note s q  e eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! AH


So I told him that I think that the sound would carry so much better if he practiced out on the front porch deck. :).

One time I was sunbathing in the yard by his little plastic pool, (okay so we are rich, don't mean to rub your faces in it)

Okay so anyway as I was laying out by the pool, he came up to me and said, "Mommy, I have something for you hold out your hand."

\People, when children say this please please open your eyes and see what it is that they actually do have for you.  Don't do like I did and blindly put your hand out.

Well what he had for me was a big fat spider!!!!

I screamed my head off and went running around the yard.

Poor kid, sat down and cried.  He was only 3 and didn't know that spiders have fangs and they can kill you.

I put a picture on here of my adventuresome young Eric and his cousin playing with a snake they found in the yard while they were digging for worms to go fishing.

Notice Eric's face how fasinated he is and proud to be holding a killer snake (not really, just a nice grass snake)

And then look at his cousin Noah who looks like...okay can we drop it now?

Needless to say Eric kept me on my toes when he was younger.  I can't wait for grandchildren!!!!!

Thanks for adding your name to my map Holly.  I think you have one of the best journals I have  come across, how come you haven't gotten guest editor yet?

well my son just called me so i will spruce this up in a little while. Barbara


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