Wednesday, October 19, 2005


What are you going to be for Halloween?  I haven't decided yet.  This is one of my favorite holidays because you get to dress up and be a kid again.  Now that my son is 21 and doesn't live at home anymore I don't have anyone to trick or treat with. Actually he stopped that practice when he became a teen and was "too grownup". I will never grow up and just might go out all by myself and have some fun this year.  When my son was a child we use to dress up in the same theme.  We won many first place ribbons and treats.  For any of you out there with small children here are some of the ideas we won with:  One year Eric was a football player and I was a referee.  One year he was a doctor in training and I was a patient.  Use your imagination and make your own costumes.  Enjoy the kids being small and savor the experiences with them.  If you have small children don't forget to do all the fun things on the holidays.  Carve the pumpkin. Go Trick or Treating. Just don't get into any trouble lol.  I am looking forward to having grandchildren one day so that I can start all this over again.  Until then I will be that crazy woman that shows up at your door and

yells: Trick or Treat Smell my feet give me something good to eat.:)


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