Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bio Poem

Originally found here

Here's the recipe:

Line 1: Name
Line 2: Four adjectives describing you.
Line 3: Daughter/Son of (or) Sister/Brother of....
Line 4: Who is (three things)
Line 5: Lover of (three things)
Line 6: Who fears (three things)
Line 7: Who needs (three things)
Line 8: Who gives (three things)
Line 9: Who would like (three things)
Line 10: Resident of...
Line 11: Name

I got this from Maria, thanks friend

And now for my bio poem:



Loving, Friendly, Creative, and Funny

Daughter of a preacher and a teacher

Who is loyal honest and thoughtful

Lover of music, animals and people

Who fears rejection, being lost and failure

Who needs love, kindness and understanding

Who gives hope, advice and love

Who would like to reach her dreams, discover new things and become someone important.

Resident of the house of Masters

Waitress Angel

 Wow that was insightful, now I am worried about myself lol.

Give it a might surprise yourself. Barbara



lv2trnscrb said...

I did this before a few months back in my journal; but I'll write a new one today:

loving, kind, caring, sincere
Daughter of Julie and Henry; daughter of the Lord
Who is a sinner, an encourager, a mother
Who loves the Lord, Jim, my kids
Who fears airplanes, heights and the night
Who needs the Lord, my family, my friends
Who gives hope, encouragement and kind words
Who would like to give more, serve more, be kinder
Resident of Montana

This was great, thanks, Barbara; and I also enjoyed reading yours!!


trickeytricky said...

Oh ah... oh so fun, I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing!
Amanda :)

meforevermore said...

For you ma'am... lol


lvrs4evr28 said...

I did this too.  That reminds me...I need to catch up on the poetry dance

Nice poem! Good job Barbara!


stansgirl2004 said...

That was great I will give it a try