Thursday, November 3, 2005

My Poetry

I decided to post some of my poetry

Here is one I wrote when I was a waitress.  This is a true story lol

I'll Just Have The Chicken

Ezra who is three years old came to visit me.
I was working at my job
waitressing for a mob.
I said, "What would you like for lunch?"
And he replied to me,
" I would like some chicken please."
and sat down ready to eat.
His order was taking way too long
to come out of the kitchen.
He was getting restless and
started causing tension.
He could not stay there in his chair
He began to wander.
Introduced himself to everyone
And could not wait for the chicken to be done.
I went over to him to help the situation.
And asked him this simple question.
"Ezra, do you have a case of wiggle worms?"
To which he simply smiled, "No thank you,
not today, I'll just have the chicken!"

Barbara  Masters



And this is one of my first poems:

Naturally Speaking

I look outside and see a tree

I am not alone.

The wind it speaks it's name to me

as it blows the leaves

from the tree to the ground right

in front of me.

How can you not believe when right before

your eyes there stands a tree so tall and
proud with the color of the wind.

A gentle breeze is all it takes to

make us see that God is always


Barbara  Masters

My Son

I asked God to send me a child.
He granted my request.
He gave me a wonderful baby boy.
He gave me the very best.
My little boy is no longer a child.
He is now a full grown man.
He will be going away to school very soon.
And I will be alone again.
I know that I must let him go.
And make his life complete.
It is not an easy thing to do.
I have raised him, the best as I can.
Now it is time to let go.
And let my baby become a man.
I will miss him oh so much when he goes away.
But he will come back and see his Mom.
There's only one thing that I must ask.
God, keep him safe and make me proud.
Of my boy who is now a man.

Barbara Masters

Copyright ©2005 Barbara Lynn Masters

      If you want to read more of my poems go to this sight and type in my name... Barbara Masters


butterflies4me04 said...

I just found your journal and I put you on alerts!


lv2trnscrb said...

Very nice - I loved the one "My Son"; very touching :)