Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well DUH!!!!

One of my Lifes Most Stupid Moments////DUH!!!    

I can not believe what I did this morning.  I went to work at 5:45 am and started my day.  Everything was going good and I was picking up speed on my items per minute/  I discovered yesterday that if you scan the item with the brand name facing you it automatically picks up the scan.

Not that any of the managers who have been on my case ever bothered to tell me that,,,, all they said was////you need to be faster...what are you items per minute?  You need to pick up your speed/  blah blah blah.      Doncha think if they were so concerned about this they might think about telling their new cashiers a few tricks of the trade that I have had to figure out on my own like.

1.  The brand name thing I just mentioned

2. Scanning the produce first increases your time per item.

3.  If you have more than one item alike you can scan it the number of times with the same can or whatever/

4. Putting your register on price inquiry while customers stop you to ask for something they need.

All of this helps you to improve your time,,,but all I have heard from the managers was to go faster.  Tell the new people how You morons.     

Anyway back to my story....Around 8:30am after I had already taken my first break, my manager comes up to me to tell me that my schedule for the day was changed from morning to night and that I was suppose to come in at 5:45pm to 11:15pm

and that I should clock out and come back tonight........


So now I have to go back in today and work another 6 hours.

That will make it 9 hours for today.

The only good thing about this is that I will get a better check.       

The bad thing is . is that my nose is all sore and bruised and I was so looking forward to being done for the day at 11 this morning/ now I have to go back and I probably won't really get off until around 11:45pm.

Thank God I am off tomorrow, and do not have to be back until Monday night.

Last night we got a call      from a place that said we won something.  We had to drive all the way into San Antonio which was about an hour drive and 10 dollars worth of gas.

We were sceptical about it, but they said only seven people were picked and we would walk away with no less than a big screen television. 

And the highest being a Lexus.  We would not have to buy anything and would only have to listen to them for 20 minutes///

Okay now, here's what really happened...

We went as fast as we could and got lost twice.

When we got there the speech was over 45 minutes and we were pressured into buying a vacation plan

We didn't buy it we said no

We won a trip to Florida and a cruise to the Bahamas.  Our 25th anniversary is coming upthis year so we might go, but we still have to pay a registration fee of 139.00 per person and airfare and food while in Florida.  The cruise food is covered.

KNowing my husband we won't go because we always go to Port Aransas            and I really can't see him going with me to the Bahamas.  He is too much of a home body.  Plus who knows how much it will cost for airline tickets.

So if you  get a phone call from a travel agency that starts with the word global....just stay home.

Just now Rick asked me if I was going to prepare all the fixings to go along with the turkey he smoked yesterday/  Stuffing mash potatoes etc.  HAAAA  

Maybe not.  I told him I would tomorrow.  Like I feel like spending all day in the kitchen cooking a feast and only two people are going to eat it and then go back to work.

Yeah let me get right on that....NOT

Tomorrow please come soon!!!!!



lv2trnscrb said...

Oh, Barbara, how awful to have the times wrong for work and have to go back tonight after you put in some time already. poor you!

I'll remember that tip about winning something if they contact us about such a fantastic deal.


funnyface0s0 said...

Oh Barbara
The wrong working hours & a pressured hard sale - it certainly was not your day. Time to relax with a nice box of chocolates i say ;o)

stansgirl2004 said...

i think those "you've won a vacation" is a scam
I got something in the mail saying the same thing you described
and they wanted a registration fee but i'm sceptical about handing
someone any kind of money. Hope you feel better hugs, Marina