Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pictures LOL

Do not ask me how I did this because I do not know.  Amanda gave me some good advice but I am not sure if that is how I did it or not.  The writing done part was excellent  but I told myself DUH.

Anyway let me tell you a story.

Rick and I met in October of 1980.  Okay maybe some of you weren't even born then ...get over it LOL. Just kidding.

We fell madly in love the first night we met.  I was actually on a date with another guy.  Let's call him J. sometimes known as jerk...was that outloud?

Anyway J had a brother named R and he wanted me to set him up with one of my friends on a double date.  So I thought of this nice girl at work...B and asked her if she would like to go bowling or something on a double date with J and I and his brother R.  She said sure why not.

Well she got nervous about meeting someone new and asked me if she could invite her brothers along for the date...kind of like a group thing.  I said sure why not...

Rick was her brother. It was wierd because I had been told since I was born by my parents, sunday school teachers etc. that God had made someone especially for me... I knew when I first saw Rick that he was the one.  Now how wierd is that?

Anyway we started dateing and he proposed two months later in December and we got married in June.  We have been together for 24 years now.  We have one child...the best God ever made who is 21 years old  now.

Anyway back to the wedding story.  As I told a few of you in a email when I was trying to load this picture... Rick spent all day waxing, vacumning and polishing our car for our wedding get away.  Now I knew the hoodlums (JK) I grew up were going to trash up the car with shaving cream, vaseline on the steering wheel and door handles etc.  But this one guys spotted a bale of dirty hay on the way to the church and decided HMMM I should put that in the new couples car.

Boy was my new husband angry~~~ My Dad threw a fit too.

Me?  I thought it was hilarious!!!! 

The only thing was that when we took off to go to the house of my parents after the wedding, there was a hissing sound coming from the back seat....I had heard there were snakes in hay and I freaked!!!!

No snake....just the cans tied onto the back of the car making noise LOL.

Anyway check out my expression.  I am in shock. LOL

If you zoom in on the background you can see my Dad and husband discussing this.

Topic Two....

I didn't get to be on the computer yesterday because I was working.  I was scheduled from 7-11 am but ended up staying until 5:30.  They asked me to work a double and said I would be off by 3 and then forgot to let me off.  I worked 9 hours and 30 minutes.   I know that might not seem like so much, but as a never have down time.  I am still tired today.

I go in at 2:15-7 today so hopefully I won't be too tired.

Maybe tomorrow I will try the picture thing again.  If you have any advice besides...get a digital camera (poor person here)

let me know.

Another thing..... I am too broke for Christmas this year.  Freaking out because my tip money is no more and what I make has so far been just enough to pay the telephone, electric and a little food.


  I will come back later and dress this up.  Now enough time right now. Hugs Barbara    <


stansgirl2004 said...

I would have been pissed!
I will e-mail you step by step instuctions on adding
pictures in e-mail let me know if you need more help
hugs, Marina

lv2trnscrb said...

what a great picture!! You met your hubby the same month I married my hubby, but I knew from the moment I met him he was "the one". Fantastic memories to share.

Stop by my journal today or tomorrow; I'm going to write what I'm doing for Christmas this year. I'm not broke (thank you Lord) but I want to downsize. I might have some ideas that can help you :)