Saturday, November 5, 2005

Day off


Today was finally my day off.  I did NOTHING!!! Well sort of I did wash the dishes and make dinner, but those are daily chores right?

I went outside and what a super day it was,    a little warm in my leopard pjs but not too hot. I do not get dressed on my day off. why waste the laundry soap?

I spent part of my morning picking pecans from our eight trees we have on our property...trying to beat the squirrels.  Now my fingers are all yucky brown, anyone know how to get this stain off your fingers?  I have to work tomorrow afternoon and I don't want people thinking I have a disease or something lol

I read part of a book and then...I woke up. I don't know what is wrong with me lately, when my tummy gets full I crash. Any ideas?

I hope everyone has a super weekend and is happy and well.

Tomorrow I work from 1:45 - 6:45 so I guess I better wash my uniforms and get my behind under the covers. 

I will be up for a little while waiting to hear from my son. He calls me everyday when he gets home from his chef job to let me know he is okay,  I wonder how long this is going to last.  He is such a great kid.

My hours have increased yet again for next week at work, so I guess I am doing okay.  I am off Tues and WEds but I won't be able to go and visit my son because he will be working those days.  Hopefully I will be able to go visit him soon.  I really miss him alot.

Until tomorrow......Barbara


lv2trnscrb said...


I think with the pecan stains; you are just going to have to let them wear off. Here's something I found through doing a search through Google:

Subject: Pecan stains on hands  HELP!!!! I gathered pecans today and my hands are stained dark brown! I've tried lemon juice, mineral spirits, cascade dishwasher soap, clorox clean-up, etc. Please, can you help me?  Thank you for your prompt reply. -- Jodi --
14 Oct 2003  (Ref:0944)

Answer: Walnut Stain  I saw your posting on walnut stain. Well, I have a beautiful set of colored fingers after cleaning up my bumper crop of nuts this weekend. I work for a hand cleaner company (GOJO) and I tried about a dozen different products over the last couple days. Nothing worked, including specialty ink & stain removers, bleaches, and some stuff the lab cooked up special. We figured out that the stain actually penetrated several layers of skin and is basically a temporary tattoo. I think the only option is to wear it off. I tried the Cornell advice for taking the stain out of clothing, but it didn't do anything for me. It's detergent/vinegar, then alcohol, then bleach, then vinegar again.

but, wow, pecan trees! That's awesome to have that growing on your property :)


butterflies4me04 said...

Today was my day off and guess hwat I did? Sat here from 12-present trying my hardest to catch up on my journal reading ... I still have 100 to go!