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Two Years Ago Today

Two Years Ago Today November 9, 2003

I went back to look at a diary I started when I got my computer and noticed that the date was exactly two years ago today.  So much can change in that amount of time so I thought I would share it with you guys especially those who have teenagers and think your world will always be crazy....You be the judge  November 9, 2003 (with comments added)

I always said when I got a computer that had everything to it I would seriously begin my book. (still working on the book) I have had my new computer now for over a week and all I seem to do when I sit down at my desk is procrastinate.  I will start by checking my e-mail.  If I don’t have any new mail to read, I will think of someone I need to send a card to.  After an hour or so, I am ready to move on…to looking up things on the internet.  (this is the same lol) Today I wrote two poems and sent them off to two different poetry contests, was this Progress? Not really but I guess it is a start.  Now I am going to try to write for an hour a day even if what I write doesn’t make much sense.(didn't)  A lot has been going on in my life recently.  Rick started a new job at A & A Pump. (still there thank God he loves it) He is a construction worker of sorts.  He is working with Alan, his friend from childhood and they seem to work together very well.  Eric has been keeping busy getting ready to go off to cooking school. (he has since graduated as a chef!!!) He now has his own apartment which he will be moving into at the end of this month.  I am sure that he will be just fine.  I am not so sure about me however.  I was off from work Saturday, Sunday and today which is Monday.  Tomorrow I am working from 10:00am to 3:00pm  I am not upset that my hours have been cut at work because this will give me more time to write.  I work at a restaurant here in Lytle,Texas I have been there for five years now. (Not anymore I QUIT~~~) I have had quite a variety of different customers that I have taken care of.  I have also worked with quite a few waitresses, waiters, cooks and managers. (over 100 waitstaff and 7 managers) I would like to write a fiction book about my experiences working at my current job.  I am going to start to try to remember different conversations and happenings to record.  Right now I am working with Kim, who is also my friend.  She and I are alike in many ways and different in others as well. 

Kim is a year younger than me and has been working there for 3 years now.  Another waitress I currently work with is Mona.  Mona is a tough character,(she became one of my managers but quit after a year of abuse) or she tries to appear that way.  Brittany is one of our younger waitresses. (now lives in Austin going to nursing school) She is still in high school as a junior this year.  She is a pretty little thing and I tried to hook her up with my son, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

     Yesterday was Pam’s birthday.  She is my older sister.  I called her up and we talked for almost an hour.  She gave me her e-mail address and I gave her mine.  Hopefully we will keep in better touch now.  (not enough, I talk to you guys more)

     I don’t know what else to write about.  I am going to stop for now and come back in a little while to add more.

     It’s as if my mother-in-law is looking over my shoulder. (She is now in Heaven passed away July 16 2004) Right after I wrote that last sentence she called to ask me to go to the pharmacy and pick up her medicine.  So I will write later.    


Now isn't that wierd?  Also I remember going crazy because Eric was going off to school.  I cried night and day because I missed him so much.  I still miss him, but I don't worry about him as much now because I put him into Gods hands to worry about.  Now when I leave after a visit I only cry half way home...I use to cry the whole 2 hours and 6 minutes.  Also unlimited long distance has helped.

Was this a bit confusing with the comments?

I just wanted to show you that no matter how bad you think something is God will see you through to the other side.  Just take his hand and let him lead you. Love you guys, Barbara

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lv2trnscrb said...

No, it wasn't confusing with the comments; Barbara. How amazing all the changes in two years and also how amazing to see the growth in your relationship with the Lord too, putting your son into his hands.

I think if you did write a book about your waitressing experiences, it would be a good read :)