Friday, November 4, 2005

Wishes Come And Play


Fill in the blanks.... and I will come back tonight, or tomorrow and tell you my answers:

I wish...

1. I wish I had a million                                   . Then I would...

2.   I wish I had one                                         because........

3.  I wish I could be like                              this person is special because.......

4.When I was small I wished to be                              so I could.....

5.  I wish there was a law that said                                   this would be a great law because... 

6. I wish I could forget about  the  time I                            because                                .

7. I wish trees could                                      because......

8.  I wish I could see                                  because...

9.  I wish I could learn                               because...

10.  I wish there really was                                  if there really was then                                                          .

Okay enough for today, answer the ones you want and if you can think of any more....send them to me.

Back with my answers later. Barbara                                                


lv2trnscrb said...

Looking forward to reading your answers. Here's mine:

1. million dollars - so I could donate it to the poor.

3.  Mary; because she is so caring and loving to all she meets.

4. a secretary so I could make lots of money (lol)

5. treat others like you want to be treated because then there would be a better world to live in (the Bible says to do this, but how many of us do actually do this)

6. said words I regretted later because I hurt people's feelings

7. talk because it would be fun to hear what they feel like when their leaves are falling off.

this was fun, thanks


butterflies4me04 said...

1.  dollars ..... spoil my friends and family and help others in need!
2. boyfriend ... cuz yes it does get boring being single sometimes!
3. my dear friend Lisa ... she is so strong and an all around GREAT friend (even tough everytime we do something people ask me if she is my mom)
4. secatary .... do tons of paperwork (still want to be one)
5. no abortions allowed .... babies deserve to live!
6. said the wrong thing at my managers party and really got made fun of for it
8. Kelly clarkson ..  I love her!
9. how to be even more professional and not get so tempermented ... it will benifit me at work
10. Magic ...... i could be the next bewitched :)